November 2022 Financial Checklist

Black Friday shopping carts

November’s here, folks! And with just seven weeks until Christmas, time is of the essence to get yourself organised for the silly season. Luckily, your fave monthly read is here to help get you through! 

1. Save on Xmas gifts by shopping during Black Friday

The countdown is on for Christmas. And what better time to buy presents than during the biggest sale event of the year – Black Friday!

This year's Black Friday sales will occur from the 25th to the 28th of November. During this mega sale event, loads of stores will be offering epic deals and discounts on products – making it a great time to do the Christmas shopping - so you can save some extra money.

Here’s where we’ll be tracking all the latest Black Friday deals:

Remember to bookmark these pages and check in regularly to stay in the know with all the latest Black Friday news and deals.

2. Get some more bang for your buck in rewards

To get even more bang for your buck on the Christmas shopping – you might consider using a rewards credit card to earn points or other rewards on your spending. 

Alternatively, there are loads of credit card cashback offers currently going around. Just be sure to check all the terms and conditions before signing up.

3. Summer-proof your energy bill

With La Niña finally coming to an end and El Niño set to start in early 2023, we could be in for a scorcher of a summer. 

But before you go blasting the AC, you might want to take some precautions to avoid any energy bill burn down the track. A great place to start is by comparing energy plans to see what’s around – then potentially making the switch if you find a more competitive deal.

4. Spoil yourself this Scorpio season

Did someone say “pay rise”? Well, well, Scorpio. A little birdy (A.K.A. the Mozo Magic 8-ball) told us that 2022 might be the year you finally get rewarded for all your hard work.

What you do with any extra money you make is up to you. But don't be afraid to treat yourself to something special for putting in the hard yards. Howzabout a new car?

5. What to stream in November 2022

On the hunt for something new to binge? We’ve gotcha sorted! Here’s what new shows and movies are coming to all the major streaming platforms in November 2022:

That’s all for this month! Meet you back here next month for your December 2022 Financial Checklist! For now, you can go take a look at our nifty life & money hub!