October 2023 Financial Checklist

Halloween - pumpkins
Image: Photo by Ginevra Austine from Unsplash

Ghosts, goblins and ghouls can cause quite the fright. But the scariest creatures of all walk in broad daylight. Budget-sucking vampires and cost-of-living curses – beware. For matters around money aren’t always fair.

But fear not! With the right tools, money monsters are easy to fight. A strong money mindset and budget can make (almost) everything right.

The spooky season has arrived! Your October 2023 Financial Checklist is here to help you make it through to the other side:

1. Quit ghostin’ your savings

When was the last time you added to your savings account? We get it. Times are tough right now. If the current cost of living crisis has crept up on you and made saving a struggle – you’re not alone.

Your first priority should be to keep yourself financially afloat and ensure that all regular bills and expenses are covered. If you aren’t in a position to save as much money as you previously would have, don’t beat yourself up. Something is better than nothing.

Is there something you could cut back on to help save a few extra bucks a month? Like say, an unused streaming subscription that could be cancelled.

2. Ditch a deal with the devil

There’s no room for a bad deal in the current economic climate. Before making a purchase (big or small), shop around to see whether you could get a better price. It only takes a quick Google search. 

The same goes for your banking and other financial products. Not happy with your current home loan interest rate? While the market isn’t super competitive at the moment, you still might be able to snag a better rate elsewhere. Use our home loan comparison tool to see what other options are around.

Here at Mozo, you can compare loads of different banking products and household services to see what other options are available. Check out some of our comparison tools below:

Plus more!

3. Don’t be a bride (or groom) zilla!

Spring wedding season is here! Now it’s no secret that weddings can cost an absolute fortune. But it is possible to reduce costs if you’re willing to compromise. 

Make a list of your absolute non-negotiable wedding expenses that you’re happy to splurge a little extra on. Then, work out which expenses you can live without or are happy to do on the cheap.

For example, say your dream is to have a custom-made wedding dress – but you’re not too fussed about having a banquet or five-tier cake. Spend a little more on the dress (so long as it’s within budget) and go for a more budget-friendly dinner and dessert package. 

4. Do a financial spring clean this Libra season

Hey, Libra! This year, our mystical Mozo magic 8-ball predicts you’ll have a greater sense of drive towards your career and finances. Now would be a great time to harness this newfound energy and give your finances a good spring clean.

A great way to take control of your finances is to start tracking your spending with the help of a handy budgeting and savings app. That way, you can get a better understanding of where your money’s going and adjust your budget accordingly.

5. What to watch in October 2023

The best thing about October is that all the streaming platforms go horror-movie-mad and update their catalogues with loads of Halloween-themed content. If you’re looking for something to get you into the spooky season spirit, Shudder (A.K.A. the scary movie specialist) is where it’s at.

Here’s everything else that’s new on streaming in October 2023:

That’s all for this month! We’ll catch you back here next month for your October 2023 Financial Checklist. For now, go check out our life and money hub!