Quality time trumps lavish loot this Valentine’s Day

Quality time trumps lavish loot this Valentine’s Day

Good news fellas! Gone are the days of splashing cash on lavish Valentine’s Day loot down at Godiva and Gucci. It turns out that it really is all about the experience.

New research from rideshare service DiDi and YouGov says that when it comes to dating, Aussies are all about the experience, not the expenditure. In fact, only 11% of Australians said being wined and dined at an expensive venue is what would impress them on a first date.

The data also revealed that 29% would be impressed by being a unique experience on a first date - this was particularly prevalent among younger generations, (36%) of Gen Zs and (34%) of Millennials.

“Aussies clearly value experiences when it comes to both services and dates and have realised that these don’t need to cost a fortune,” Said DiDi Australia spokesperson, Dan Jordan.

Oh, and when it comes to who should pay the bill, it looks like the sisters are doin’ it for themselves, with just 6% of females saying the most important part of a first date is that their date covers the cost.

COVID throws a spanner in the works:

The research study also found that more than a quarter (28%) of Aussies are trying to save more due to COVID-19 and that 10% of those 18-34 year-old savers would rather put their V-Day money towards an engagement instead. 

“It’s interesting to see that COVID-19 has had a profound effect on Australians saving and spending habits - leading to many searching for more affordable and thoughtful ways to enjoy themselves,” said Jordan.

“This Valentine’s Day, the vast majority care more about the thought behind a gift or experience, compared to how much has been spent - we’re pleased to see that Aussies look set to explore unique and different experiences this year in a safe manner.”

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