September 2021 Financial Checklist

September 2021 Financial Checklist

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining - Spring is here! Which means your daily lockdown walks just got a whole lot brighter, folks. Unless, of course, you suffer from seasonal allergies.

Anyhoo! We hope this change in weather is just what you need to spice up your life a little. On that note, let’s dive into your favourite Financial Checklist: September 2021 edition.

1. Have a low-key Father’s Day

With loads of Aussies currently in lockdown, Father’s Day might look a little different this year. But while you might be giving the usual large-scale celebration with all the relos a miss, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate dad from home. 

Why not have a low-key lunch at home followed by a painting or board game sesh. Or if you can’t see each other in person, why not have a mukbang-style Zoom lunch instead. Online games are another great way to bring the family together virtually - the Houseparty app has loads to choose from.

2. Start thinking about the Silly Season

It’s never too early to start prepping for the silly season - especially in times like these. Aussie posties are under the pump right now trying to keep up with the influx of online orders due to the current COVID lockdowns.

Because of this, there have been significant delays in deliveries, so you’d be wise to make a move on your (online) Christmas shopping sooner rather than later.

3. Spring clean your finances

If the change in seasons has inspired you to spring clean the house, why stop there? You might as well do some tinkering in all areas of your life while you’ve got some momentum.

Set aside an hour or so to go through all your current financial products - we’re talking home loans, car loans, credit cards, the works!

Then, you can use our free financial calculators and comparison tools to determine whether you could be getting a better deal elsewhere - if so, consider making the switch.

4. Cashback deals - are they really worth it?

Here’s what’s been happening at The Finance Burrito podcast HQ, ladies and gents!

Ep. #37: Unwrapped: Cashback - life hack or a total stitch-up?

Episode 37 of The Finance Burrito Podcast is all about cashback offers. Get ready for:

  • An in-depth investigation on online cashback deals - are they actually worth it?
  • Some serious cashback truth bombs from ShopBack Australia country manager Angus Muffet 
    • P.S. There’s a discount code up for grabs for those who tune into the episode!

Ep. #38: Your Money News: How much do Olympians get paid for winning a gold medal?

In episode 38, Liv and Tom talk about the latest news in money land - such as:

  • Why you shouldn’t fib in the census
  • How much do countries pay Olympians for winning gold
  • Why Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney

Ep. #39: Unwrapped: TMI? Should you be sharing personal finance problems online?

In our Digital Finance Unwrapped season finale, we take a deep dive into online personal finance communities! In this ep we explore:

  • How Aussies are flocking to social media & forum pages to learn how to manage their money
  • The role these communities play in boosting younger generations' financial literacy, plus any pitfalls
  • RMIT University senior lecturer Dr Angel Zhong shares her research into:
    • Why these communities are becoming so popular
    • And how to stay safe when using them
  • We then hear from fellow podcaster & Flux Finance co-founder Justin Joffe about:
    • How Flux uses social media as a fun & interactive platform to educate young people in all things finance

Ep. #40: What happens when Rebel Wilson & Lionel Messi walk into a Bonds store?

In this week’s Your Money News ep, the gang discuss:

  • Super funds & greenwashing: Do they really invest in sustainable and renewable sources like they say they do?
  • Why Afterpay axed their ad starring Rebel Wilson
  • How Bonds Australia gave its staff a COVID lockdown mental health day off work
  • How much was Lionel Messi paid to move clubs? [Spoiler: A lot - but some was in crypto]

Ep. #41: Your Money News: Granny's are boycotting & the global supply chain is in shambles - What's next?

Hear your fave hosts break down some of the hottest finance news topics of the week, such as:

  • How lockdown is impacting Aussie wage growth & the gender pay gap
  • Why the global supply chain is struggling to keep up with our ever-growing online shopping addictions
  • A recent scam watch report revealed Aussies are losing $70 million on bogus investment opportunities
  • Why a determined UK Granny is boycotting her local garden centre … #Cancelled

What are you waiting for? Go have a Finance Burrito binge-sesh! And if you haven’t already done so, go and follow @TheFinanceBurrito on TikTok for a laugh!

5. Channel your inner Tony Robbins this Virgo season

Grab yourself a Tony Robbins ticket (virtual, of course) because, in 2021, you’re unleashing that power within Virgo! Our Mozo Magic 8-ball says to expect a major personal growth journey this year.

And while your friends and family love to poke fun at your quirks and regimes - it’s those very routines that will propel you closer to your goals, Virgo! Will this be the year that you finally start that business you’ve been dreaming about?

That’s a wrap, folks! We’ll see you back here next month for your October 2021 Financial Checklist. Until then, go check out our life & money hub.