Supermarket price wars - Mozo reveals the cheapest place to do your Christmas shopping

Mozo’s supermarket Christmas mystery shop has seen Aldi come in first place as the cheapest supermarket for Christmas shopping.

We crunched the numbers on 20 Christmas items and discovered that Aldi shoppers could save 25% on their grocery bill and come in with a spend  under $100.

Our Coles Christmas shop came to a total of $108.23 with Woolworths at $112.71 – a minor 3% price difference between the supermarket giants.

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And with Aussies spending $19 billion on food during the 2016 Christmas period, it’s clear that it pays to shop around on groceries.

“The competition between the major supermarkets really heats up around Christmas, so for the big-ticket items like a roast chicken, turkey or smoked salmon, a quick online search can end up saving major dollars,” said Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont.

When it came down to the nitty gritty, Coles failed to offer the lowest price for any of the 20 items, while it’s cheapest products were price matched by Woolworths.

Woolworths also had the cheapest Christmas treats, like shortbread or cake, while Aldi’s meats came out on top as the most competitively priced items.

Camembert cheese, mince pies and panettone were some more of the many items we added to our mystery shop trolleys, which were cheapest at Aldi.  Ultimately, 70% of the items on our Christmas grocery list were cheaper at Aldi.

“A little bit of planning before the festive day can help drive the cost of Christmas this silly season. It’s an expensive time of year so our advice is to plan ahead when it comes to your Christmas supermarket spree and shop by the specials,” said Lamont.

Mozo's tips to cut your grocery bill this Christmas

The classic list - Stay on top of your groceries by jotting down the things you’ll need on your smartphone or a piece of paper. This way, you won’t be tempted by random specials or sales.

Use click and collect - But if you really can’t resist those alluring ‘2 for 1’ specials, click and collect is a great way to save. All you need to do is shop and pay online before hitting up your local supermarket to collect your items - just get in and get out.

Buy in bulk - Not only is buying in bulk often cheaper, it will keep you from frequently visiting the supermarket throughout the week.

Don't shop hungry - Unless you want to come home with the entire lolly aisle, make sure you eat before shopping to stop you from unnecessary spending.

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