The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A Gift Guide to Mother’s Day 2015

We know you would never leave it to the last minute to search for the perfect gift to buy for the special woman in your life this Mother’s Day. So we wouldn’t have to remind you that Mother’s Day this year is Sunday May 10.

We should remind you, however, that a Mother’s Day gift could be the difference between tears of joy and well, actual tears. No pressure!

If gift giving is not in your field of expertise, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best (and budget-friendly) Mother’s Day gifts and those that should just be left at the counter.

The Good:

1. Massage:


The massage gift certificate is the get out of jail free card for those among us that are gift giving impaired. If you don’t believe us, past McCrindle research has shown that over 26% of Aussie mothers are satisfied with gifts that involve pampering, massages and hair styling. At the moment Red Balloon has some really great deals on offer for massages under $100.

2. FitBit Zip


While we are breaking the unspoken rule of Gift Giving 101 (i.e. gifts should not be weight-related), the FitBit Zip is an exception. For the more gadgety mums, this is a nifty little piece of tech that will tell you the time, count your steps and enhance your outfit all at the same time and for $79.95 here.

3. Custom made shoes


For the mum that would prefer a pair of custom made pumps rather than the drab pair of ugg boots, Shoes of Prey allows your mum to customise her own shoe including colour, size and features and have it delivered within 5 weeks. Gift certificates start from a reasonable $50.

4. A bottle of her favourite wine


If the significant female in your life loves to curl up to a glass of wine while watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey, then this gift is sure to please. But if you don’t know the difference between a shiraz and a merlot, choosing the right wine can be difficult. Thankfully Gayot has compiled a rundown on the Top 10 Mother’s Day Wines and all are under $100. So take notes!

5. A hand-made card


Never underestimate the power of a hand-made, personalised card. Supervise the kids in an afternoon of arts and crafts and slip the card onto the brekkie tray in the morning for a free AND thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Just make sure that they’re light-handed with the blue glitter.

The Bad:

1. Robotic vacuum cleaner


You may think you’re doing the right thing by taking some time out of the household cleaning schedule (and perhaps saving yourself from vacuum duty) but there is a time and place for buying a robotic vacuum cleaner and it’s not Mother’ Day. So steer clear of any ‘gifts’ that involve household chores especially on a day that should be about pampering not pain.

2. A pet

While you may think the family could benefit from an extra (furry) member, all your mum can see in those puppy dog eyes is work, vet bills and MORE work.

3. A Father’s Day Present


While a new Playstation 4 complete with the latest version of Call of Duty might be a nice addition to your TV home set. As a rule of thumb, if it’s something that you’ve always wanted, don’t buy it as a gift.

4. Bath Salts


For years they’ve topped the lists of most disappointing presents and this year is no different with bath salts taking out the bronze in BrandHook’s countdown list of Gifts Mother’s Don’t Want to Receive for 2014.

5. Anything with the ‘World’s Best’, ‘#1’


Anything that is inscribed with the words ‘World’s Best Mother,’ ‘#1 Mum’ or any other variation should be avoided like the plague including mugs, t-shirts, aprons and fridge magnets. While you probably think that your mum is the world’s best, chances are someone has already thought the same thing about their mum.

The Ugly

1. The Self Help Book


If you’re trailing through Dymocks for a good book to give to your mum, we would strongly advise against purchasing any titles that include the words “self-help,” “ultimate guide to parenting,” or “how to talk to your kids.” After all, she raised you right? Here are Dymocks’ 101 best books for 2015, and with an offer of 3 for the price of 2, you can’t do wrong.

2. Weight Loss Plans

We know your mum may have said she wanted to lose weight, but giving a Weight Watcher’s Plan as a gift is no way to get this message across and is constantly ranked numero uno on countdowns of the worst gift ideas on Mother’s Day.

3. A Regifted Gift


Regifting that novel you didn’t quite get around to reading or that DVD an ex bought years ago may even be worse than totally forgetting to give a Mother’s Day gift. So approach with caution!

4. Snuggie


The now infamous Snuggie is a guarantee on countdown lists for the worst gifts to give. This isn’t surprising, because nothing says ‘I appreciate you’ like a blanket/sweater hybrid, right?

5. Cash

This is the lazy gift-giver’s go to. You could have just as plainly written on the card “I can’t be bothered thinking about what to get you.” Besides, giving cash as a gift is usually reserved for those distant relos you only see once a year and don’t know very well, not Mother’s Day.

What have you got planned for this Mother’s Day?