3 Easter road trip ideas: from the beach to the big city

The Easter holidays are coming up and it's time to start thinking about what you’ll be getting up to. Maybe you’ve had enough of all the Easter shows and egg hunts and are looking to try something new.

Instead of going with the tried and true celebrations, why not instead use the break to explore this massive country on a classic road trip. 

1. A wine adventure

Likely to not be the family-friendly option, the great thing about living in Australia is that regardless of whether you’re west or east coast, there’s a load of options for big wine regions. 

With only 4 days to play with, you’ll want to have a place to travel to that’s a short drive by car. 

Depending on your starting location you might visit:

  • Barossa Valley is a 50 min drive from Adelaide, 
  • Hunter Valley is 2 hours from Sydney
  • Margaret River is 3 hours from Perth 

2. The beachside journey

With a land girt by sea, we’ve got plenty of options when it comes to beaches. However, if we’re going for an Easter adventure, a road trip to somewhere a bit further away than the local beach can be a great idea.

Some ideas could be:

  • Byron Bay, especially for both the Sydney and Brisbane crowd. This is a great destination with a beautiful beach and home to celebrities like Zac Efron and Chris Hemsworth. 
  • Apollo Bay for the Victorian crowd, Apollo Bay has a great beach with fresh seafood, walks, and plenty of family activities to get engaged with. 
  • Salmon Hole. With a nice beach and great fishing locations, this would be a great journey for South Australians.
  • Greens Pool is perfect for those of you in Perth. Part of the William Bay National Park, there is access to fishing, snorkelling, picnics, and the beach. 

3. City-to-city travel

There’s nothing like driving long distances between metropolises. Depending on where you’re located (and where you’re going), you’ll be crossing great distances between most state capitals and large regional cities. 

The best thing about city-to-city travel though is discovering everything along the way. From the plethora of big things, orchards, and national parks it’s clear that the journey is just as good as the destinations. 

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