Mozo’s Experts Choice Car Insurance awards reveal the best policies to help Aussies save

If you’ve got a car insurance policy and are wondering how the quality of cover or value for money stacks up against other insurance, your timing couldn’t be more perfect! Mozo has today announced the 2017 winners of our Experts Choice Awards for Car Insurance.

Mozo’s judges have spent months poring over thousands of pieces of information, comparing 63 car insurance policies and over 10,000 customers scenarios to find the policies that offer Australians exceptional quality or exceptional value car insurance.

“Our Exceptional Value Awards recognise those car insurance policies that are
offering comprehensive cover at competitive prices,” said Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont, “while our Exceptional Quality Awards are the Rolls Royce of car insurance, so to speak. They have have been given to products that offer the most comprehensive cover in the market.”

The criteria used to assess each policy for quality was based on the standard features and included benefits like the option of getting a rental car after an accident, choice of repairer and 24/7 claims service. Customer ratings based on past experiences with their insurer and Ombudsman data on dispute resolution were also used. For the value awards, we looked at the policies that were the best-priced for the features it  offers.

You can find a full list of the winners here.

Bingle was named as the Low Cost Award winner for its Comprehensive Car Insurance, with Budget Direct’s Comprehensive Car Insurance and Suncorp’s Comprehensive Extras Car Insurance also picking up awards for Exceptional Value.

“With the cost of car insurance increasing each year, it’s essential for Australians to get on the front foot and find a car insurance policy that doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket,” says Lamont.

Amongst the winners for Exceptional Quality were NRMA for its Comprehensive Plus Car Insurance, GIO’s Platinum Car Insurance and RAA’s Comprehensive Car Insurance.

“Car owners who are covered with winning products for quality can feel confident they will be receiving premium insurance.”

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