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This new kid on the car insurance block is all about flexibility and simplicity. With Rollin' Insurance, you’ll find a car insurance policy that’s easy to manage even if you need to make changes or cancel cover on short-notice. Rollin’s unique identifier is its rolling monthly policy. Instead of committing to annually, you’ll pay month-by-month at no extra cost, and can cancel any time without incurring fees.

And Rollin's an award winner! In 2021 it took out two Mozo Experts Choice Car Insurance Awards: for Exceptional Value Car Insurance and Exceptional Value Young Driver Insurance.

ROLLiN' offers the following car insurance policies

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Comprehensive Car Insurance


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Who is Rollin' car insurance underwritten by?

Rollin' insurance is in fact Insurance Australia Limited (IAG), operating under the name Rollin' insurance. As such all of Rollin's insurance policies are issued by IAG, which is the biggest general insurance company in Australia and New Zealand. The insurance giant underwrites around $12 billion of insurance premiums per year. Other IAG brands include NRMA, SGIO, SGIC and CGU.

What types of car insurance does Rollin' offer?

Unlike other insurance companies which often sell multiple types of car insurance, Rollin' offers just one. This is a comprehensive policy which works like a monthly subscription service.

What’s the deal with Rollin’s subscription-style car insurance?

While many car insurance providers will give you the option to pay your premium monthly, this often comes with small additional processing fees. And even though you’re paying in monthly instalments, most policies are annual commitments. 

Rollin's rejigging this rigid industry standard with its subscription-style car insurance. It resembles other month-to-month subscriptions in that you aren’t charged for the flexible payment schedule. You can also cancel without incurring a fee like you might if you were to leave an annual policy before the renewal period. 

The company doesn’t offer an annual option. Instead, each month you’ll receive an email renewal notice which addresses any changes – you’ll have access to any new features that month, rather than waiting until an annual renewal – before you sign up for another month of cover. If you don’t respond, your cover will be automatically renewed.

What’s covered:

Rollin' keeps things simple and only offers the single comprehensive car insurance policy. This means a lot of events and items are covered, including:

There’s also a range of additional features which have different cost limits, so be sure to check your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for details. These include things such as cover for child seats and baby capsules, towing costs, lock and key replacement, emergency travel and accommodation, and transport cover if your vehicle is out of action.

What’s not covered:

In its keep-things-simple style, Rollin' hasn’t added any extras that typically come with a higher price tag. Sure, your premium will reflect your personal circumstances, but you won’t have to fork out more cash to get a higher grade of cover at Rollin'.

Like any insurance policy, there are circumstances that’ll void your cover. Some of these are fairly obvious, like if your wheels get damaged in the process of carrying out crime, driving recklessly or while intoxicated. But then there are less straightforward situations where your policy won’t cover you, like if you use your car to make cash (e.g. drive for Uber) or if you’re driving it outside of Australia. Check out the Rollin' PDS so you know when you won’t be covered.

What’s so simple about the excess?

The excess for Rollin' Car Insurance is $800. They keep it at this level to avoid big bills for bigger breaks, and it means your premium is assessed separately from the excess. Keep in mind the excess for unlisted drivers is $3,000, so be really sure if it’s worth letting a mate drive your car if they’re not on the policy.

As a little bonus, Rollin' won’t charge excess for windscreen, window or sunroof repair.

How will the cost of my premium be determined?

When you sign up for a policy, Rollin' uses vehicle valuation site to assess what your wheels are worth. Alongside this value assessment, your premium will be determined by information you provide, including:

Flexible replacement transport choice

After an accident, many comprehensive policies will cover costs for a hire car for a certain period or daily amount. Rollin's policy lets you choose what mode of transport would be most suitable for the period that your car is in the shop or being replaced (up to 14 days). Whether it’s public transport, rideshares or a hire car, you’ll be covered for up to $80 a day.

Other FAQs:

Does Rollin's insurance cover hire car costs?

The short answer is yes, Rollin's comprehensive car insurance does cover hire car costs, but of course there are a few conditions. The first is that Rollin' will only cover the cost of renting a car, if your wheels are damaged as a result of one of the following:

  • An accidental collision

  • A fire or explosion

  • A theft or attempted theft

  • Vandalism

  • By storms, flooding, lighting or hail

  • A not-at-fault accident.

If your car is damaged in one of these incidents and your claim is approved, Rollin' will arrange a hire car for you for up to $50 a day. Or, if you don’t fancy getting behind another wheel, Rollin' will also pay you up to the same amount to take a ride-share or catch the train while your car is being repaired. 

Just keep in mind that Rollin' won’t cover costs for rental deposits, security bonds, fuel, pick up/returns, upgrade costs, accidental loss, damage to your rental car or any excess payable for the rental car.

Does Rollin' offer a lifetime guarantee on repairs?

As long as a repair has been authorised by Rollin', you'll be offered a lifetime guarantee on the work done and the materials used. That is for the length of time that you own the car.

Rollin' will not guarantee repairs completed by a repairer that it did not authorise. It also does not guarantee repairs when the car is no longer yours.

How does Rollin's new car replacement work?

If your car is completely written off (as a result of an insured event) and it has less than 15,000km on the odometer, Rollin' will:

  • Replace it with a similar car, so long as it is available in Australia and include any similar accessories, listed on your insurance certificate.

  • Pay for 12 months registration, plus compulsory third party insurance for a new car. (Rollin' will keep refunds for your previous registration and compulsory third party insurance).

To do this Rollin' will check your odometer and ask for more information, such as your car service records.

Can I add another policy holder?

Yes. Rollin' has no limit on the number of policyholders on any one policy. It doesn’t cost anything to add additions but all policyholders are responsible for the accuracy of any statements about the vehicle as well as information about claims. 

What is ‘single car value’?

By now you’ve probably guessed that Rollin' does things a little differently and the valuation process is no exception. While most providers will give you the option to choose between market or agreed value for your wheels, Rollin' simply offers ‘Single Car Value.’

It describes this as the amount it will insure your wheels for. This quote will be based on a few things including:

  • A valuation from Australian vehicle valuation and information website, Redbook

  • The number of kilometres you expect to drive in your car

  • How old your car is.

Poncho will put the Single Car Value of your vehicle on your Certificate of Insurance. Just keep in mind that some deductions may apply come payout time. For instance, if you owe a debt to a creditor or you have made claims or for compulsory third party insurance.

Is there a cooling off period for Rollin' car insurance?

Rollin' gives you a 14 day cooling off period, from when your policy is issued to change your mind and cancel it. If you cancel your policy within this timeframe, you should be eligible for a refund. 

How do I make a claim with Rollin'?

After ensuring any injuries are attended to post-accident, Rollin' recommends you grab all the details of people involved in the crash as well as any witnesses. Beyond this, the claims process starts with the policyholder calling or emailing Rollin' ASAP, then lodging a claim online or over the phone. 

Remember you’ll need to have proof of ownership and any damages to the vehicle and be ready to answer Rollin's questions to get the claim ball rolling. If it’s accepted, Rollin' will direct you on anything you might need to do to get repairs or replacements underway. If it’s an accepted legal liability claim, Rollin' will take the reins on defending or settling the claim.

How is ROLLiN' car insurance rated?

Mozo users have rated ROLLiN' car insurance on price, features, convenience, trust and customer service so you can see what real Aussies have to say about their experiences.

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ROLLiN' car insurance
Value for money
Policy coverage
Customer service
Claims handling

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Recent ROLLiN' car insurance reviews

ROLLiN' Car Insurance
Overall 10/10

I can't fault these guys. It was the cheapest quote for my car. They also allow you to pay monthly at no extra cost. And there was no quibble when I claimed for a windscreen replacement. Excellent, excellent! Only thing I would like is they have roadside assist as an option.

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I can't fault these guys. It was the cheapest quote for my car. They also allow you to pay monthly at no extra cost. And there was no quibble when I claimed for a windscreen replacement. Excellent, excellent! Only thing I would like is they have roadside assist as an option.

Value for money
Policy coverage
Customer service
Claims handling
Becky, Queensland, reviewed 12 days ago
ROLLiN' Comprehensive Car Insurance
Overall 1/10
Poncho is the worst

One of the worst insurance companies I’ve ever been with. Don’t even pay market value, it's like between $3 and $5 thousand under. Claims take that long. Everyone stay clear of this one not good.

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One of the worst insurance companies I’ve ever been with. Don’t even pay market value, it's like between $3 and $5 thousand under. Claims take that long. Everyone stay clear of this one not good.

Policy coverage
Customer service
Claims handling
Tony, New South Wales, reviewed 4 months ago

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