Everyday Insurance from Woolworths pet insurance

Woolworths is Australia's biggest retail group. In 2008, Woolworths launched the Everyday Money Credit Card to reward customers who shop in Woolworths group stores. Woolworths chief executive Michael Luscombe says the card was designed to meet customer demand for “simple, easily achievable and useful rewards”. The Woolworths Everyday Money MasterCard offers 2 points for every dollar spent on purchases in stores operated by the Woolworths group and 1 point for every dollar spent on other purchases. Cardholders can also earn 3 points for every dollar spent on Woolworths Select brand purchases.

Everyday Insurance from Woolworths pet insurance policy options

Cover information and limits in the table below verified as correct at 22 June 2024. Other information correct at the time of writing. Advertiser disclosure. Important information on terms, conditions and sub-limits.

Everyday Insurance from Woolworths

Woolworths Pet Insurance 

Checking out Woolworths pet insurance policy for your furry best friend? Let’s get into it together and check out what all it offers. 

Woolworths Pet Insurance has won the 2023 Mozo Experts Choice Pet Insurance Awards for the Exceptional Value Accident & Illness Pet Insurance category for its Comprehensive policy.  

About Woolworths Pet Insurance 

Everyday Pet Insurance policies from Woolworths are arranged, distributed and promoted by Woolworth Group Limited and administered by PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd. 

Woolworths is an Authorised Representative of PetSure. 

Woolworths pet insurance policies

Everyday Insurance from Woolworths allows you to insure your pet from when they are as young as 8 weeks old. It gives you as the policyholder a chance to claim 80% reimbursement on eligible vet bills. It also gives free access to VetAssist and GapOnly with every policy. 

In fact, the Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus Covers, as their name suggests, are quite comprehensive and also include the optional non-insurance routine care benefit.  

Everyday Pet Insurance from Woolworths claims to have processed 96% of the claims within 5 days or less and has paid out benefits of over $85 million. 

What is included in a Woolworths pet insurance policy?

With a total of five insurance policies, Everyday Pet Insurance by Woolworths offers a range of choices for your furry friend. 

You can see what you can expect from Everyday Pet Insurance from Woolworths across their coverage in the table above. Check Everyday Pet Insurance from Woolworths’ product disclosure statement (PDS) for the full terms and conditions. 

What optional extras can I add to my Woolworths Pet Insurance?

There are a few additional and optional benefits for specific policies under Woolworths Pet Insurance. 

The additional benefits include emergency boarding and essential euthanasia. 

Other than that, if you have chosen the Indoor cat cover, you may have an optional benefit available.

If you are on the Comprehensive or Comprehensive plus cover, you may have the optional benefit of routine care.

(Check your product disclosure statement to see whether you have these optional benefits or not.)

What exclusions apply to Woolworths pet insurance?

There are a few common exclusions that apply to any pet insurance policy. For example, there will be no coverage for any pre-existing condition that your pet might have. Please check as to when exactly you can start making claims – when your policy commences, there may be a waiting period applicable. 

Other than that, the Woolworths Pet Insurance excludes the following: 

  1. Dental procedures or fractured teeth if you are not on the Comprehensive Cover. 
  2. Routine or preventative treatments if you are not on the Comprehensive Cover. 
  3. Elective treatments, breeding or obstetrics. 

Check the Everyday Pet Insurance from Woolworths’ Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) properly before signing up for an insurance policy. 

How do I make a claim with Woolworths pet insurance?

Woolworths has made its process for claims very simple for the pet owners out there. Here are a few ways that you can make your claim: 

  1. Through your Vet: If your vet is a GapOnly vet, then they can make a claim on your part. In fact, your vet can also help you get a pre-approval to know what the costs might be and whether it will be covered by the insurance policy or not.
  2. Online: You can make a claim online via MyPet Portal. 
  3. Through regular post: For this, you will have to fill in the pet insurance claim form, sign and then take it to your vet and ask them to fill out the Part 2 of the form, attach all the important receipts and invoices and mail it to: 

Everyday Pet Insurance 

Locked bag 9021

Castle Hill, NSW, 1765 

Can I cancel my Woolworths pet insurance?

You can cancel your Everyday pet insurance from Woolworths anytime that you as the policyholder feel the need to. You can call the customer service team on 1300 10 1234 during their working hours or send an email to everydayinsurance@petsure.com.au

Once you cancel your insurance policy, you will be issued a pro-rata refund for the uninsured period where premiums are paid annually subtracting any government or statutory charges. If your payments are scheduled through instalments, then further premiums will not be deducted after the date of cancellation. 

FAQs about Everyday Insurance from Woolworths

What do I do if my pet gets sick or injured?

When your pet gets sick or injured, you should first take it to your vet as soon as possible. Once your pet has been attended to and is safe of any illness or pain, you can ask your vet to file a claim for you or you can do it yourself via MyPet Portal or send in your claim with all the required documents via post.