Destination wedding disasters call for adequate insurance

They say rain is good luck on your wedding day, but a Chinese typhoon that stole the show for several newlyweds last week has reminded Aussies to adequately insure their destination nuptials.

Footage released by CCTV news showed couples being carried in a litter outdoors despite the downpour of torrential rain and strong winds. Another scene captured a bride on horseback struggling not to fall off.

“Many couples insisted on getting married in the huge wind and rain. They claimed that they calculated it was the best and luckiest day to get married and nothing would stop their hopes of a new life,” the YouTube video caption described.

While it’s unlikely the average Australian wedding would involve a commitment to such extreme weather conditions, one trend is for couples to tie the knot in exotic locations overseas.

“More and more Aussies are heading offshore to popular beachside destinations such as Bali, Thailand and Fiji, as it is predicted they can save up to three times what they would pay for a wedding at home,” said Claudio Saita, Deputy CEO and Executive Director in Australia for Tokio Marine, underwriters for World2Cover travel insurance.

With spring wedding season well and truly here, Saita has urged couples to ensure their big day is protected by an adequate travel insurance policy and minimise risk where they can.

“Twenty eight per cent of brides spend over $2,500 on the all-important wedding dress, but when travelling, most luggage is only covered up to the value of $1,000 per item – leaving a big shortfall should anything happen during the trip,” she said.

Here are some tips to avoid a destination wedding disaster:

Tip 1. Include your dress as carry-on luggage to avoid it getting lost en route, or buy an extra seat for the gown instead.

Tip 2. If you’re getting married in an exotic location, include a vaccination reminder in your “save the date” invites so guests can be well prepared.

Tip 3. At locations with higher risks of food poisoning, avoid consuming seafood and consider opting for a vegetarian buffet.

Tip 4. Before you get hitched, take out a travel insurance policy that covers your entire trip from start to finish, and all your planned activities too! There are even specific wedding insurance policies that will protect you for things like the ring and wedding gifts. See our wedding insurance guide here for more info.