Why Woolworths Travel Insurance belongs on your Christmas nice list

If you’re like many other Aussies, chances are you go to Woolworths for your weekly groceries and pretty soon, you’ll be headed there for your Christmas dinner shopping too. 

But the fresh food people aren’t only supporting silly season celebrations at home; the 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards reveal they also have the backs of people planning to spend their holiday abroad. 

Since 2011, Woolies has been offering travel insurance products to Australians - and for the last two years, its policies have stepped into the spotlight as top picks for money-conscious travellers. 

This year Woolies snatched up a triple win, receiving Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Exceptional Value Basic Travel Insurance, Exceptional Value Comprehensive Travel Insurance and Exceptional Value Annual Travel Insurance.

“Looking at the range of awards Woolies have won, it’s fair to say they offer great-value travel insurance that should suit most budgets and most situations, whether you’re after cover that’ll get you by at the lowest cost, or you’re after something that’s going to give you a bit more peace of mind on your holidays,” Mozo’s expert judge, Peter Marshall said. 

“With Woolies being a household name, it’s also good to see they’re competing on price and not just relying on brand power to get them across the line.” 

How Woolworths can cover your family travels this Christmas 

From the bare essentials to the most generous coverage, Woolies is bound to have an insurance policy that fits your travel needs this Christmas. And if you’re flying with any of your kids or grandkids under 21, you’ll be pleased to know Woolworths Travel Insurance covers them for free. 

Let’s take a closer look at its award-winning policies: 

  • Saver Travel Insurance: Travelling on a budget? Saver Travel Insurance, which won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for Exceptional Value Basic Travel Insurance, is good for travellers on a shoestring, who still need cover where it matters most. It offers unlimited medical cover with none of the other bells and whistles of some travel insurance policies. Cover for lost luggage and personal items is limited, capped at $2,000 (and excludes electronics, like phones, laptops and cameras). 
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance: If you’re after more protection against a wider range of mishaps, then Comprehensive Travel Insurance could be your match. With a Mozo Experts Choice Award for Exceptional Value Comprehensive Travel Insurance under its belt, this option suits those who want extra peace of mind while travelling. Besides unlimited medical, it also gives each traveller up to $20,000 in cancellation cover and $15,000 in lost luggage and personal effects cover, although with a host of other benefits!
  • Multi-trip Annual Travel Insurance: Finally, for the globetrotters who fly all year round and not just during Christmas, Multi-trip Annual Travel Insurance is the most cost-effective option - and it’s so jam-packed with value it even won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for Exceptional Value Annual Travel Insurance. If you’ve caught the travel bug or you frequently go on business trips to other countries, this could be the policy for you. It comes with the same level of cover as Comprehensive Travel Insurance - except that it can apply across several trips and not just to one. 

Marshall added that while unlimited medical is important for any trip abroad, cover for cancellations and lost luggage and personal effects could be especially handy during Christmas.  

“Christmas flights can cost a lot more than usual, because it’s so busy during this time of year. Having cancellation insurance means you won’t be left out of pocket if something goes wrong and can’t use your really expensive plane tickets anymore,” he said. 

As for Aussies who’ve packed presents for family and friends they’re visiting overseas this festive season, “lost luggage coverage could provide reassurance that if you do unfortunately lose your luggage or have it stolen, you may be able to get some money back to replace any valuable gifts and belongings.”  

Interested in finding out which other travel insurers have won awards for their policies? For a full list, head over to the Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards page.