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Are you looking at choosing Freely for your travel insurance? We’ve combed the fine-print to answer your questions about Freely, their travel insurance plans, any important exclusions, and which policy add-ons you might need, so you can make a more informed decision.

About Freely

Freely is a relatively new addition to the travel insurance game, but comes backed by Cover-More, underwritten by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited. Freely aims to change the perception of travel insurance from a “begrudging holiday tax to a useful and valued travel companion.”

Rates and fees verified as correct at 14 August 2022. Other information correct at the time of writing.

Freely plans

Currently, Freely offers domestic travel insurance and international travel insurance, including optional, limited cover for certain COVID-19 related claims. 

They only provide one policy level, known as Mandatory Benefits. This policy has a domestic and an international version, with different inclusions and limits depending on if you’re heading overseas or staying in Australia. 

They offer a few extras which you can add to your policy, which they call Boosts. These Boosts can help you to tailor the policy to your needs, and must be purchased before you depart on your journey.  

There are also extras, known as pay-per-day Boosts, which as the name suggest incur a daily charge. These options are useful if you need to tailor your insurance to cover the kinds of activities you’ll be participating in, or the purpose of your trip. These include, but are not limited to, snow sports and cruise cover.

Check out the data table below to see an overview of the kinds of plans Freely offers.

  • Events

  • Limits shown apply

  • Covid medical cover

  • Covid cancellation cover

  • Overseas emergency hospital expense

  • Overseas emergency medical assistance

  • Maximum excess

  • Cancellation fees

  • Pay extra for no excess

  • Luggage and personal effects

  • Additional accomodation & travel

  • Emergency companion

  • Resumption of journey

  • Hospital cash allowance

  • Accidental death

  • Permanent disability

  • Loss of income

  • Credit Card fraud and replacement

  • Travellers cheques

  • Travel documents

  • Rental vehicle excess

  • Alternative travel expenses

  • Personal liability

  • Pre existing conditions

  • Asthma

  • Cancer

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Mental health illness

  • Diabetes

  • Epilepsy

  • High cholesterol

  • High blood pressure

  • Pregnancy

  • Blood thinning medication

  • Activities covered

  • Bungee jumping

  • Conservation work

  • Mountain biking

  • Mountaineering

  • Rock climbing

  • Scuba diving

  • Sky diving

  • Surfing

  • Trekking

  • Snow sports

  • Ocean Cruise

    • International Travel Insurance

    • Per person

    • Unlimited

    • Unlimited

    • 100

    • Events
    • $5,000 - option to increase in lots of $1,000.

    • Optional extra - $10,000. max item limit is $750 for any one item.

    • $5,000

    • Optional extra

    • $25,000

    • $25,000

    • Optional extra - up to $10,000

    • Optional extra - up to $2,000

    • $1,000,000

    • Pre existing conditions
    • Assessment required, may cost extra

    • Assessment required, may cost extra

    • Activities covered
    • Optional

    • Optional

    • Optional

    • Optional

    • Optional

    More info
= Covered = Not covered

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Any information provided on this page should be considered a summary and general advice only. All information should be verified before purchase via the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

What is included in a Freely international travel insurance policy?

Freely offers a set international policy: Mandatory Benefits. This policy aims to provide you with the essential cover necessary for your international trip. 

Freely’s international policy has some standard inclusions which you can expect coverage for, in the event the unexpected happens. However, your cover may change depending on which tier you think you’ll need. It’ll also change if you add on any optional extras. 

Here’s what you can from Freely’s international travel insurance policy:

But remember: check Mozo’s data fields or the Freely product disclosure statement (PDS) for details on pay-out limits and general exclusions for specific parts of their travel insurance policy across the range. 

What other optional extras can I add to my Freely policy?

If you want to tailor your coverage and opt for extra inclusions for the entirety of your overseas trip, then you can choose from Freely’s Boosts for some extra cover, at an extra premium.

The Boosts Freely offers include:

Finally, Freely also offers pay-per-day Boosts, which you can add on at any time for an extra charge. It’s a flexible option for certain types of cover which you might only need for one day at a time. 

The pay-per-day Boosts include: 

These add-ons will increase the premium you pay, but without them you may not be covered for anything that happens related to these sorts of claims or activities. Always be sure to check out the PDS to find details regarding limits on cover amounts and general exclusions. 

Snow sports cover

Snow insurance cover is vital if you’re hitting the ski fields. Without it you won’t be covered for any claims related to skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling. 

Freely offers a snow insurance cover Boost (at an additional premium) and includes coverage under their Mandatory Benefits policy for:

However, they won’t cover you if you are competing in a professional capacity, or if you’re racing. They also won’t cover you for personal liability if you’re snowmobiling. 

Cruise cover

If you are travelling 2 or more nights on a cruise ship, then you may need cruise travel insurance for any cover related to that portion of your journey. However, if you’re not leaving Australian waters (e.g. you’re cruising the Murray River, or doing the Kimberly Cruise) then you won’t need to add cruise insurance to your policy. 

Cruise cover includes:

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is not covered if you’re on a multi-night cruise, meaning that you could be liable for any medical expenses or trip disruptions if you contract the virus. 

Adventure activities cover

Arguably, the most important part of travelling is the experiences you have. With Freely, there are many activities automatically included across all policy plans. But for those who are a little more adventurous, some activities require you to purchase the Adventure Activities and Adventure Activities+ optional add-ons. 

If you’re planning on participating in adventure activities, then you may want to add this optional-extra to your Freely policy. But note, if you’re engaging in these activities in a professional capacity, you may not receive the benefits of your policy on any claims you make. 

Freely automatically covers activities such as:

You will need to pay for the Adventure Activities Boost if you plan on participating in activities like:

If you think you might be participating in an activity that is particularly risky, then it’s always best to double-check the PDS, in case your activity isn’t covered, or if there are conditions. 

Motorcycle and moped riding cover

If you plan on riding a motorcycle or moped on your trip, then purchasing extra cover for these activities can cover you in case something goes wrong.

If the engine capacity of your motorcycle or moped is capped at 250cc you may be covered if:

For all other engine capacities, including those over 250cc, you will only receive cover if:

Rental vehicle excess

If you’re renting a vehicle on your overseas trip, then you might want to get cover for rental vehicle excess, in case you have an accident on the road.

The rental vehicle excess cover Boost from Freely applies if:

Does Freely travel insurance have COVID-19 cover? 

Freely does cover some COVID-19 related claims. But, like many travel insurance companies, they will not provide cover for COVID-19 related claims if you are travelling to a destination that has a Smartraveller ‘Do Not Travel’ warning in place. With Freely, there is no coverage if there are government directed border closures, mandatory quarantines, or self-isolation requirements.

It’s important to note that some of the benefits related to COVID-19 only apply to travellers in Australia and New Zealand, and may not apply to those on a multi-night cruise. Cancellation cover for COVID-19 is also capped at $5,000 and only available for policies purchased more than 21 days before the start of your trip. Always read the PDS to make sure you understand what circumstances are required to receive your cover level’s benefits. 

Cancellations or amendments

Freely provides cover for cancellations and amendments of your trip, if:

Overseas medical expenses

Freely could cover overseas medical costs like:

Additional expenses

Freely may cover additional expenses related to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as:

Are pre-existing medical conditions covered under Freely’s travel insurance?

Freely provides cover for travelling with pre-existing conditions

Some pre-existing conditions are automatically covered under Freely’s policies, but they may have additional criteria relating to your eligibility for cover. These include, but are not limited to:

If your pre-existing condition isn’t listed among the automatically covered ones, then you may still be able to apply to cover them. This includes automatically included conditions for which you do not meet the eligibility requirements. To get your pre-existing condition covered, you can contact Freely through the app, or by calling them. 

What exclusions are there to look out for in a Freely travel insurance policy? 

Unless you have already had your pre-existing medical condition approved for coverage with Freely, they will not cover you for claims related to a pre-existing medical condition. This includes trip cancellations prior to departure due to your medical condition, and medical expenses incurred. 

If the country you are travelling to, or choose to remain in, has a ‘Do Not Travel’ warning issued by the Australian government’s Smartraveller website, then you will not be covered under Freely’s policies regarding any COVID-19 claims. 

A brief list of general exclusions also include claims relating to:

Always make sure to check the PDS for details relating to general exclusions. 

What do I do if there’s an emergency during my trip? 

If there’s an emergency during your overseas trip, call Freely on their emergency assistance line. Depending on where you’re calling from, the number will vary. See below for the numbers you can call, toll free. 

The emergency assistance line is available 24/7 if you need it. Freely’s team will be able to help you out with things like finding medical facilities and emergency hospital expenses, among other things. When you call, make sure you have your policy number and a phone number which they can call you back on if need be.

How do I make a claim with Freely travel insurance? 

You can submit your claim through the Freely app on your smartphone. To register a claim with Freely, you will need to have all the relevant documentation to support your claim, like receipts for valuables, or invoices from hospitals and doctors if you incurred medical costs.

If you can’t complete your claim through the app, then you can either email your documents to Freely at, or by posting them to: 


C/o Cover-More 

Private Box 913

North Sydney NSW 2059


Remember that when you post your documents, you should always have a copy of them stored safely with you, in case they get lost along the way.

If you need help submitting your claim, you can email them at 

Is it possible to cancel my Freely travel insurance policy?

You can cancel your Freely Mandatory benefits or boosted policy and receive a full-refund within 21 days of purchasing it, provided you haven’t started your journey or intend to make a claim. If your trip has started and you still feel like cancelling your policy, you can get a partial refund of the premium you’ve paid, depending on the unexpired period of your cover. 

If you would like to cancel, contact Freely on 1300 772 183 (within Australia) or +61 2 8907 5987 (from Overseas), or via email at 

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