Travel insurance Singapore

Going to Singapore with family, friends or solo - this tiny island state in Asia will steal your heart away with the variety of experiences it has to offer. Whether you’re thinking of a breakfast date with the orangutans at the Singapore Zoo, customary pictures at the Merlion Park, shopping sprees at the glitzy malls or a day out at Sentosa Island, don’t forget to slip in a good travel insurance policy into your fun-packed Singapore holiday.

Why do I need travel insurance for Singapore?

Because life is unpredictable and you don’t want risk spoiling your trip. Cancelled flights, delays and accidents can happen anywhere and so it’s important to secure your trip to Singapore against any unforeseen circumstances. Just make sure you’re not jumping at the first or cheapest insurance policy you see. It only takes a few minutes to compare travel insurance for Singapore using Mozo’s free online tool. If you’re looking for some tips before you shortlist the best travel insurance policy, read ahead on things you should keep in mind.

What will travel insurance cover in Singapore?

As you start looking for Singapore travel insurance options, it would be helpful to also understand the different kinds of insurance cover available and then think of the key ones that might be most relevant to you. Depending on the kind of policy you go for, say basic or comprehensive, travel insurance providers will generally offer the following options:

Medical expenses

While Singapore has all the modern medical facilities, going to a private hospital could turn out to be very expensive. So it’s a good idea to get an insurance that covers any medical emergencies while you’re there. But do make sure you mention any pre-existing health conditions, such as pregnancy, to your insurance provider beforehand so that you know for sure what you’re covered for.

Luggage and personal belongings

Singapore is a shopper’s paradise but that doesn’t mean you can afford to lose your luggage! A comprehensive policy will cover your losses in case your airline misplaces your stuff in transit or anything gets stolen. However, if you left your bags unattended or in an unmanned car when things went missing, your provider can refuse to accept your claim.

Cancellation and delays

This is important because flights get cancelled or delayed often and it’s good to have a cover for any additional expenses you might need to bear for making last minute travel or accommodation arrangements. Usually, your travel insurance will reimburse you up to a certain amount if your flight is cancelled or delayed by more than 24 hours. But different policies have different terms for this so it’s important you read the small print and know for sure what you’re eligible for.

Accidental death and injury

In the unfortunate circumstance of death or serious injury to you or someone travelling with you, your insurance policy can arrange for your beneficiaries to receive payment for a lump sum or loss of income.

Personal liability

Singapore has an extremely strict legal system in place and just in case you are found to be responsible for an accident it would be wise to have access to a personal liability cover.


Try and avoid carrying too much money in cash because travel insurance policies mostly don’t cover cash if it’s stolen. Even if they do, it generally won’t be more than $200.

Airline or holiday default

In case your airline or holiday company goes under, your travel insurance can cover the cost of your flights, transfers and accommodation expenses.

How much does travel insurance to Singapore cost?

The final cost of your travel insurance is based on a number of factors like how long you're staying in Singapore, your age and if you are buying extra covers for things like sports or have a pre-existing condition.

Following are some examples for Singapore travel insurance, using Mozo's travel insurance quote comparison tool. Do remember however, prices and terms for travel insurance policies are subject to change and you must always read the updated conditions before buying a policy.

7 days Policy Cost
Aged 25
Basic Cover: Kango Cover (Joey) - $5,000,000 hospital and emergency cover, no luggage, no cancellation fees

Comprehensive Cover: Southern Cross Travel Insurance (Single Journey) - Unlimited hospital and emergency cover, $25,000 luggage, $50,000 cancellation fees
Family of 4 - 2 adults (35), 2 kids (10 & 6)
Basic Cover: Go Basic (Base) - $10,000,000 hospital and emergency cover, no luggage, no cancellation fees

Comprehensive Cover: Fastcover (Compehensive) - Unlimited hospital and emergency cover, $15,000 luggage, unlimited cancellation fees
Over 65
Basic Cover: itrek (Wanderer)- Unlimited hospital and emergency cover, no luggage, no cancellation
Comprehensive Cover: Fastcover (Comprehensive) - Unlimited hospital and emergency cover, $7,500 luggage, unlimited cancellation fees

Travel insurance tips for Singapore

Now that you know the different situations you can be covered for and the approximate cost of buying travel insurance for Singapore, you should also familiarise yourself with the finer points of the different policies. Not all policies are the same, so as you look for the covers you want, do keep the following considerations in mind:

Excess fees

While the premium you’re paying for a policy is an important factor to consider, it’s also important to check on the excess fees you may be required to pay when you file a claim. Generally, if the upfront cost is low, the excess fees might be quite high. So don’t forget to check the amount of excess you’ll be required to contribute from your end if you need to file a claim.

Pre-existing medical conditions

If you deliberately hide a pre-existing medical condition from your insurance provider, you could be laying a trap for yourself. It’s always better to pay a few extra dollars and cover any health conditions rather than face an emergency and have your claim rejected at the last moment.

Inclusions and exclusions

We say this again and again only so you really understand the importance of reading the fine print before you seal the deal. Every insurance policy will have its unique inclusions and exclusions and it’s good to be well informed of the things you can claim and the things you can’t.

Unlicensed vehicles

If you don’t have an international driver’s license or a licence to drive in Singapore, then don’t bother renting a vehicle. If you find yourself in an accident with an unlicensed vehicle, your insurance company can refuse to accept your claim.

Drinking in moderation

Singapore is not known to take drug and alcohol offences lightly, so don’t take any chances. If you file a claim for an injury or damage to property which occurred while you were intoxicated, your claim could very well be rejected.

More about travelling in Singapore

As you get set for your Singapore holiday, here are a few more travel tips to help you understand this fascinating and multicultural state a little better:

  • Stay away from any kind of drug offences because penalties for any such breach of law in Singapore are severe and include the death penalty.
  • Laws relating to “outrage of modesty” (for example, men behaving inappropriately towards women, using inappropriate language and inappropriate touching) are also quite strict in Singapore. Penalties for such offences include imprisonment, fines, and/or corporal punishment (caning).
  • Singaporeans take keeping Singapore clean very seriously. So make sure you don’t break any laws relating to littering, chewing gum or smoking in illegal areas. You could be fined if you’re caught.
  • While people travelling with Australian Passports are not required to apply for a visa for Singapore, the local authorities to require all tourists to have a passport with at least 6 months’ validity at the intended date of arrival.

Be a Smart traveller

Whether your trip to Singapore is for a couple of days, a weekend stopover on the way to Europe or one of the destinations as you backpack across South East Asia, Mozo recommends that you register all international traveling with the Australian government at It’s always reassuring to know you can get in contact with Australian officials just in case you face some kind of some legal trouble or have an enquiry. Another organisation to keep handy is the Australian High Commission in Singapore.

Finding the right policy for your Singapore trip

Travel insurance reviews

Many Australians travel to South East Asia, and we at Mozo have collected a whole list of travel insurance reviews so you can have access to unbiased opinions from real people before you make your final choice. Read the reviews here and then make a more informed decision.

Travel insurance comparison tool

Don’t worry, you won’t need to spend hours looking for the best travel insurance policy for Singapore on the Internet. Use Mozo's travel insurance comparison tool, which is a quick and easy way to shortlist insurance policies based on your holiday needs. Type in your travel dates, the number of people travelling, their ages and if you need extra covers like for snow or sports, and voila! The numbers are crunched in just a few seconds as you are presented with a list of travel insurance policies that you can pick from.