Meet Airwallex: the financial platform helping to fix the challenges of global expansion for small business

For Australian small businesses looking to reach new markets, drive customer growth and enhance their competitiveness, global expansion is a proven way to unlock potential and remain resilient. But venturing beyond domestic boundaries can pose its own set of challenges.

With obstacles like navigating complex trade regulations, dealing with currency fluctuations, managing international logistics and cultural differences, along with the risks of political instability or economic uncertainties in foreign markets, it’s easy to see why so many business owners are hesitant about taking the next step.

But despite these challenges, 69% of Australian SMEs plan to be operating outside Australia by 2027 according to a survey published in eCommerceNews*. 

So how can small business owners enter the international market without all the headaches that traditional banking solutions present?

Global financial platforms like Airwallex are how. Founded in Australia in 2015, Airwallex helps businesses of all sizes grow internationally by taking the hassle out of global payments and financial operations.

Lengthy bank settlements and processing times for cross-border payments are some of the key drawbacks cited^ by a significant number of SME business owners operating cross-border. But with Airwallex, these are a thing of the past. Airwallex allows business owners to bypass the banks to save on things like high international transaction fees, and multi-currency accounts also give the freedom and flexibility to deal with international clients and suppliers efficiently and effectively without the hassle of converting currencies constantly, minimising costs and time delays.

The Airwallex platform also comes with customisable expense management tools that gives business owners real-time visibility and control into employee spending globally, and integrates with popular accounting software such as netsuite, xero and quickbooks among others. 

Over 100,000 businesses worldwide now use Airwallex’s software and APIs to simplify their global payments and financial operations, unlock new opportunities, and grow without limits.

To find out more about how Airwallex can help you achieve your global business ambitions, see this 3 minute video.

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Airwallex business account
  • Earn 10% cashback on your first $1,000 of international transactions (T&Cs apply)
  • Collect and hold money in over 12 currencies with the multicurrency business account
  • Save on everyday business expenses, with zero international fees (other fees may apply) and competitive exchange rates