Monday moneyvator: Be the boss of mid-season sales

Monday moneyvator: Be the boss of mid-season sales

Thanks to lunchtime strolls around the shops and tons of emails with celebratory emojis arriving in my inbox, I’ve fallen for retail’s latest gift, the mid-season sales!

I know I’m not the only one, because the office is getting cluttered with shopping bags from major fashion retailers each day that goes by.

But unlike my guilty sale splurges of the past where I under planned and spent too much, this year I’ve learned how to be boss. Here are some tips so you can be one too and master the mid-season sales!

Step 1: Mind map your shopping spree

Mind mapping helps you to clarify your shopping goals. Are you on the hunt for a specific item (like a bag, coat, shoes) or want a staple to go with that LBD, skinny jeans and pencil skirt? Mind mapping will help you reach a perfect list of “must have” items that speak the same language as your wardrobe and budget. I use Bubbl to do my mind maps but you can do it the old-fashioned way if you like with textas and paper.

Step 2: Get your shopping tool kit ready

Now you’ve got a unique must have items list, it’s time to get the sales shopping toolkit ready and track down some winning bargains:

Step 3: Set a “cost per wear” rule…

One of the biggest problems with the mid-season sales is that it’s the most tempting of times to shop. Logic is easily abandoned and the excitement of buying reduced clothes can give you a hangover of outfits you’ll never actually wear!

I’ve been able to short-circuit these mistakes by establishing a “cost per wear” rule. First you identify how much you think an item is worth per wear and then measure this against the price tag. For instance, say I have a white shirt on the list and find it on sale for $120. If my cost per wear price is $5, I would need to wear this shirt at least 24 times before breaking even with how much it cost. Now, thanks to my mind mapping exercise, I know this shirt can be worn rolled up with boyfriend jeans on the weekend or tucked in to a pencil skirt at work. In fact, I actually think that over the next 6 months I’ll wear it at least once a week, so it passes the cost per wear test with flying colours. Try it, I’m sure that you’ll find it will help you pick out the real bargains from the duds.

Step 4: Be an expert in your shopping zone

To be a true boss of the mid-season sales, it’s important you get this pointer down pat. Sure, you have your tool kit and cost per wear mentality switched on, but the truly best way to be the boss of shopping lies in your head. You’ve got to become an expert at it. This means being a diligent bargain hunter, researching and studying the quality of clothes before you buy. That way, if sales assistants try to convince you a pair of jeans on sale is good quality and it’s really not, you’ll know right away. After all, there’s nothing worse trying to return a regretful buy and being told it’s against store policy. Channeling your clued-up clothes knowledge will help you avoid these kinds of problems.

Do you have any other tips for being the boss? Share them below!

Monday moneyvator: Be the boss of mid-season sales was last modified: April 11, 2016 by Roisin Kelly-Goldsmith

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  1. My tip to be the boss is: Know exactly what to get and why you’re getting it. And the consequences of spending too much.
    I spent $200AUD on shopping (target boxing day shopping spree! $10 jeans ^.^).
    I earn my money with hard work and a lot of sweat. I won’t give it up on frivolous shopping 🙂


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