Award winning credit cards revealed for 2020: Mozo Experts Choice Awards

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Aussies love to spend, and a lot of us are using credit to purchase everyday things as well as big ticket items. So, it’s important to find a credit card that suits your needs and budget.

The old stigma that credit cards were something that would get you in debt has long changed, and the “smart” use of plastic has helped many Australians, consolidate debt, score rewards and even manage cash flow for their business.

For the 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Awards, Mozo judges compared 215 personal credit cards and 45 business credit cards, from over 70 financial providers, proving just how saturated and complex the market can be when trying to choose one that meets your needs.“

Credit cards come in all shapes and sizes, and whilst they are a convenient way to pay, many card holders are still getting stung with high rates, annual fees and unnecessary usage charges,” said Mozo Expert and awards judge, Peter Marshall.

“Our awards aim to help consumers find the credit card that’s right for them, whether it’s a low rate, great rewards or an appropriate business card for their needs.”

With over 16 million credit cards in the Australian market according to the Reserve Bank of Australia, finding the right one has never been more important.

Credit Card Provider of the Year

For the fourth year in a row and proving that consistency is key, American Express has taken the crown yet again as Credit Card Provider of the Year!

The coveted title comes together with eight individual awards in all three categories assessed; personal, rewards and business cards. So it’s no small feat for American Express to add this award to their outstanding reputation in the industry.

Credit Card Provider of the Year - American Express

Credit Card Winners

Whether you’re after a credit card with a great low rate, no annual fee or a competitive balance transfer rate, our Credit Card winners showcase some of the top contenders that are out there. Check out the winners and see which type of card might best suit your needs and budget. See the Credit Card Awards winners list right here.

Award Winning Credit Cards

Rewards Credit Card Winners

There are a myriad of rewards credit cards out there offering perks like gift cards, frequent flyer points, accommodation, complimentary insurance and so much more. So it’s important to choose the card that best benefits you. This year’s winners not only offered a great range of incentives on spend, but provided the overall best value no matter what reward you are seeking. See the Rewards Credit Card Awards winners list and methodology report.

Award Winning Rewards Credit Cards

Business Credit Card Winners

Businesses, both big and small, come with diverse sets of financial needs. The use of a business credit card, whether to turn everyday spend into rewards or to improve spending and cashflow, is a popular way to manage business finances. This year’s award winning credit cards offer great incentives to better manage money no matter what your business goals are. Head to the full list of Business Credit Card Awards winners.

Award Winning Business Credit Cards

For the full list of winners across personal, rewards and business credit cards, head to the Mozo Experts Choice Credit Card winners pages.

Or, if you prefer to compare credit card providers for yourself and find out how much you could save by switching, check out our credit card comparison table.