G&C Mutual Bank Low Rate Visa Credit Card

9.49% p.a.

No current offer


G&C Mutual Bank Low Rate Visa Credit Card Review

Rates and fees information correct as at 19 July 2018.

Review published: 25 October 2017

What's hot:

  • Low 9.49% purchase rate

  • 2017 Mozo Experts Choice Award winner

What's not:

  • 15.49% cash advance rate

Mozo snapshot:

With one of the lowest ongoing purchase rates on the market, there’s a reason our experts named the G&C Mutual Bank Low Rate Visa a 2017 Mozo Experts Choice winner for best Low Rate Credit Card. Add to that the very reasonable $50 annual fee and this could really be the perfect card to help you cut down on expenses.

Key features:

Do you usually carry a balance on your card from month to month? Well the G&C Mutual Bank Low Rate Visa credit card could help you cut down on the interest you pay with a purchase rate of just 9.49%.

The card also features a $50 annual fee, and provides up to 50 interest free days for cardholders who pay off their balances in full.

Want to take your G&C Mutual Bank Low Rate Visa credit card on your next holiday? With the relatively low 2.85% foreign exchange margin you won’t be stung too badly on overseas purchases, plus as part of the Visa network you’ll be able to use your card anywhere in the world that Visa is accepted.

Who it's good for:

If you tend to carry a balance, the G&C Mutual Bank Low Rate Visa credit card’s low purchase rate and competitive annual fee could help you seriously cut down on your expenses.

Any catches?

Just remember that while the Low Rate Visa credit card offers a low 9.49% purchase rate, cash advances using the card could hurt your back pocket given the 15.49% cash advance rate. 

The Mozo community has not yet rated G&C Mutual Bank for this credit card.


  • 9.49% p.a.

  • none

  • No current offer

  • none

  • 15.49% p.a.

  • 50


  • $50.00

  • none

  • none

  • none

  • $15.00

  • $5

  • 2.85%

  • $10.00

  • $30.00

  • none

Other financial bits

  • $20.00

  • 5.0


  • yes

  • none

  • none

About G&C Mutual Bank

Operating for over 55 years, G&C Mutual Bank is owned by its members, which means they pass profits back to customers in the form of competitive interest rates on its products and deliver superior financial solutions to consumers. G&C Mutual Bank offers a full suite of financial solutions including home loans, investment loans, personal loans and credit cards to its members. It also has everyday banking products such as savings accounts and transaction accounts that can help with short and long term savings goals.

**Saving based on the average difference in fees and charges over 3 years between the most competitive product Mozo can refer a consumer to and the average credit card product input by 6,863 consumers (average balance of $4,262 or balance transfer balance of $5,818, interest rate of 19.6% and annual fee of $36.50) who used the Mozo Credit Card Health Check tool between 1 January 2012 to July 2012.

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