Interest free credit cards

Interest free credit cards get a lot of, well, interest from financially savvy types. Basically, they give you the flexibility to spend money on credit (and possibly earn rewards points) and pay no interest at all, for a certain period of time.

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How do interest free credit cards work?

Interest free credit cards are offered to new customers as an incentive for switching credit cards. Some credit cards will have interest free rates for purchases but you can also get intro rates when you transfer a balance from another credit card. A 0% purchase rate, for example, lets you make purchases on your credit card without a charge for a set period of time.

Are there any tricks and traps with interest free credit cards?

There are indeed. Some cards will revert to high cash advance rates for balances not paid off within the interest free period. And most cards don't apply the intro period to such things as cash advances.

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Interest free credit cards

Most of us will have seen the ads that flash on the TV promising an enticing interest free purchase or balance transfer offer. And who doesn't like the sound of 0% spending or paying off debt free of the pressure of interest?

But if you're wondering if these interest free deals are all they're cracked up to be, read our quick guide that will run you through the types of 0% offers available and the tricks to use these cards like a pro.

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