Platinum credit cards

Hey big spender... Platinum credit cards bring all the lovely perks of higher credit limits, super-charged rewards programs and concierge services. Of course, they tend to bring hefty interest rates, too, so you'll want to pay off that platinum card balance.

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What are the benefits of a platinum credit card?

Aside from the Gordon Gecko thrill of having a platinum credit card on your person, you could also have access to credit card rewards programs and accelerated points-per-dollar deals, special deals for dining and travel, as well as concierge services.

How do I compare reward programs for platinum credit cards?

Not so long ago, you actually couldn't. Now, thanks to Mozo's world-first Rewards Revealer, you can find out the value of your credit spend for various frequent flyers, cash back, across the platinum credit card market.

Can I apply for a platinum credit card online?

Indeed you can. Once you've selected the best platinum credit card deal, simply hit the 'go to site' button to be transfered to the platinum provider.

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Platinum Credit Cards

If you are looking for some card bling for your wallet, a platinum card could deliver the goods. There was a time when gold cards had all the executive status, but in recent years platinum cards have taken over and now make up the bulk of the premium card market.

Sitting at the top of the credit card pile are black and diamond cards. These cards have higher credit limits, more lucrative rewards programs and stricter eligibility criteria.

Most banks and credit card providers in Australia will have a platinum credit card range and like other card types, there is no standard criteria for what makes up a platinum card. But as platinum cards do generally have higher fees and interest rates than standard credit cards you’ll want to make sure you’re getting more value out of the card than just the thrill of flashing platinum coloured plastic about.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a platinum credit card?

Who can get a platinum credit card?

Will a platinum card be a good choice for me?

How do platinum cards compare with standard credit cards?

Are there extra fees for Platinum cards?

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