7 ways to reduce your energy bill the next few months

Let’s be honest, spending the majority of your time indoors does have some perks. A lot of us may be using the time to pick up a new hobby, while others are giving their Netflix account a serious workout. 

But regardless of how you’re choosing to pass the days during self isolation, many Aussie households may also be gearing up for a higher energy bill. 

If you’re game to make some changes around your home to cut down your energy, we’ve got seven places to start. 

Keep your showers short and sweet

There’s nothing more cosy than a warm shower in winter, but according to Origin Energy, hot water usage accounts for 21% of our energy bills. During winter, try to keep your showers as short as possible to maximise your savings. If you’re finding it tough to say goodbye to your old routine, keep yourself motivated by timing your showers. 

Add layers to your wardrobe 

Since we’re all spending a lot more time in our warm pajamas, why not try adding more layers to your look. It’s one thing to throw on a woolen jumper, but to avoid relying on the heater, layer your clothing to lock in heat. While you might resemble Joey when he wore all of Chandler’s clothing on the show Friends, you’ll stay warm from head to toe. 

Trap the heat 

If you’re using a heater to stay warm, shut your curtains and windows to keep the heat inside. Don’t forget to also plug any drafts with door snakes or seals. If you have neither, you can still do this by using thick towels instead. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of heat escaping through windows or under doors, as Origin Energy claims this can reduce your heating costs by up to 25%. 

Ditch the blanket for a bottle 

From rubbing lavender oil onto your wrists to playing relaxing sounds, every Aussie has their own way of getting to sleep. And if yours involves an electric blanket, you could find yourself in a financial nightmare once your electricity bill arrives. Instead of rugging up with your electric blanket before heading off to bed, try using a hot water bottle to keep warm during chilly nights. 

Double check your appliances 

If you’re working from home and are using your household appliances more often, don’t forget to switch off powerpoints and unplug appliances from the wall. Even though it’s more convenient to leave appliances on standby, this could be adding an extra 10% to your energy bill. 

Give your clothes some vitamin D 

Even though the days are starting to get chillier, as long as the sun’s around you can dry your clothes electricity-free! Rather than throwing your clothes in the dryer after they’re washed, hang them outside to dry instead. And if you really want to lower your energy usage in the laundry room, try washing your clothes in cold water. 

Sip on a warm drink 

Hot chocolate was made for winter, so why not tuck in with a nice warm brew every now and again. Not only will the mug keep your hands toasty, but every sip will also warm up your body. Just be sure to grab a woolen blanket to go with it! And if hot chocolate doesn’t tickle your fancy, treat yourself to a nice cup of tea.

Switch energy plans 

The best thing about this tip is that you can do it at any time during the year. Find out if your energy deal is still competitive by shopping around on current offers. Mozo research has found that Aussie households can save an average of $544 a year, just by comparing energy plans. All you need to do is enter your postcode below, answer a few quick questions about your usage and you’re on your way!


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