Is it time to dump your energy provider after the July 1 price changes?

Winter is well and truly upon us, which means the ugg boots are on, the heating is cranked up and the July energy price changes have arrived.

While last years’ updates brought some serious pain to Aussie wallets, the 2018 changes announced on July 1 will provide relief for some households.

In fact, certain families in Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales can expect decreases on their bills, though others will need to brace themselves for future increases.

Given the number of energy price cuts announced on July 1, Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont stated that now could be an ideal time for Australians to review their own plans.

“After the price pain experienced following last year’s hikes, many households will certainly welcome these changes, even if the decreases are relatively small,” she said.

“However, not all providers cut their rates, so this isn’t the time to get complacent. To make sure you’re still getting a great deal on your electricity plan, don’t hesitate in playing the field by comparing other offers.”            

To start your hunt, read on below for some of the hottest electricity plans in the Mozo database.

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Didn’t find the plan to set your heart on fire? Head over to our state-based electricity comparison tables to see more deals, or check out four tips which could help cut down your winter energy bills.

4 winter energy savers

Cut your shower time: It’s cold, we know. And nothing quite beats soaking in a hot shower on a chilly winter's day. But cutting down trimming your shower time by just 3 minutes a day could save you $81 on your winter energy bill.

Ditch your heated towel rail: Speaking of showers, drying your towel on a heated rail may seem like the easiest option, but it comes at a cost. Heated towel rails can cost up to $200 a year to run, so make use of the sun when you can and dry your towel outside.   

Make use of your microwave: Stews, curries, lasagna - whatever your winter food fancy is, using a microwave over an oven to reheat your leftovers uses 50% less energy.

Turn your heating down: It sounds obvious, but keeping your home hot and steamy over winter will show up on your next energy bill. In fact, recent Mozo research showed that households that avoided keeping their homes at a tropical temperature could save over $100 on their winter energy bills.

Compare energy plans

Find energy plans available in your area.