Origin launching Loop virtual power plant for Aussie customers

Homes with rooftop solar panels

Origin Energy is launching a virtual power plant (VPP) for customers in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, with spots available for homes to get involved. 

Known as Origin Loop, the program will connect batteries and assets across the VPP, allowing them to operate as one big power station.

Joining Origin Loop means customers get access to the company’s VPP, receiving and dispatching power across homes connected to the program and allowing each customer a greater deal of control over the supply of their energy. 

Origin Loop will make use of solar power, sending the clean energy into participating customer’s homes. It can even turn hot water systems into batteries by pre-heating water during the day, so that customers can enjoy warm solar-powered showers and baths at night. 

When energy demand across the country is high and customers participating in the VPP program are generating excess solar power, Origin can also sell customers’ generated energy to the grid and turn your extra power into savings on your energy bill.

The program is controlled by an intelligent AI that draws upon a range of live data, including weather forecasts, usage and historical usage information as well as market trends in order to effectively disperse power across the entire VPP. 

How to join Origin Loop

There are two ways for customers to take part in Origin Loop. The first is to purchase a compatible Loop-connected home battery from Origin to connect to your home's solar system. For now, this is only an option for those in NSW, Victoria and QLD, although the company plans to expand this offering to South Australians in the near future. 

Origin guarantees you’ll always get more money back in credit than what they extract from the battery, and assures a $240 credit on your energy bill every year for five years. Joining Loop with an Origin battery allows you to directly take part in the VPP, discharging energy to Origin across the program when it’s needed.

The second option for joining the Loop program doesn’t require the purchase and installation of a battery, but it does require your home to have a smart meter installed. Origin will then connect you to the Loop program through their ‘Origin Spike’ initiative. 

What is the Origin Spike program?

The Origin Spike initiative is free to join, and offers customers points for cutting their energy usage that can later be redeemed for gift cards or Paypal cash. Joining via Origin Spike won’t give you access to the VPP which requires a battery, but Origin says you will still be considered a part of the Loop program.

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