Winter energy saving tips from a financial expert

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With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, new research has shown 74% of Australians are spending more time at home than in 2019, with 40% concerned about higher energy costs.

The report, conducted by the company that produces The Oodie wearable blanket, shows that NSW residents are the most concerned about seeing higher energy bills, with WA and QLD following.

Financial advisor Helen Baker, who served as The Oodie’s consulting household finance expert for the report, said “I recommend households find ways to run a low-cost and energy-efficient household. Fortunately, there are changes that can be made across all areas of the household, along with larger, long-term investments that can amount to significant savings.”

We’ve collected Baker’s tips for energy savings this winter below:

  • Layer up and use heating wisely
  • Be aware of vampire energy consumption - devices use energy even when not in use. Switch off at powerpoint when not in use
  • Limit hot water and drying - hot water heating uses significant energy
  • Check existing appliances - newer models may be more efficient
  • Shop around to find a good deal on your energy plan
  • Keep your home well insulated
  • Make low-cost changes to heat your home (eg. door stoppers, blankets)
  • Consider investing in solar

We’ve collected more tips to save on your winter energy bill in our guide to winter heating costs. To compare and save on an energy plan in your area, head over to our energy hub.

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