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From home cooked meals to a new toy every week, there’s no denying that many Aussies treat their pets like family. But it’s not just everyday Aussies who want the best for their four-legged friends.

Pet Insurance Australia believe that all dogs and cats deserve to be protected against life’s unexpected moments. And it’s their commitment toward providing affordable pet insurance that’s just landed them the title of the Mozo Experts Choice Award Pet Insurance Provider of the Year.

To be crowned Pet Insurer of the Year, a pet insurance provider needed to have won multiple Mozo Experts Choice Awards across our range of categories - and with two Mozo Experts Choice Awards under its belt, Pet Insurance Australia was the clear pick.

“This is our second year to hand out Mozo Experts Choice Awards for pet insurance and Pet Insurance Australia have come out on top yet again, receiving an impressive two awards” said Mozo Expert Judge, Peter Marshall.

Marshall then explained that it was Pet Insurance Australia’s value for cover and policy flexibility that ultimately landed them the prestigious title.

“Pet Insurance Australia proved to be a standout in our analysis in terms of providing Exceptional Value - covering 80% of vet bills when you make a claim, as well as offering a choice of excess, which can help reduce your premiums.”

About Pet Insurance Australia

Founded in 2008, Pet Insurance Australia prides itself on being more than just a business - it’s family owned, with a passion for pet welfare and a long history of experience in the pet industry.

Being pet owners themselves, Pet Insurance Australia believe no pet or owner should suffer at the expense of unaffordable vet bills. Pet Insurance Australia is underwritten by Hollard, Australia’s leading pet insurance provider, which has over 18 years of global experience in the industry and looks after thousands of pets around the world.


About Pet Insurance Australia’s Mozo Experts Choice Award win

Pet Insurance Australia received a 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Award across two of the Exceptional Value Award categories to be crowned Pet Insurer of the Year. Let’s take a closer at Pet Insurance Australia’s award winning policies.

Comprehensive Cover

Pet Insurance Australia’s Comprehensive Cover policy received the an award in the Mozo Experts Choice Awards Exceptional Value Accident and Illness category.

For this category, our judges considered the policies that covered pets across a wide range of illness from eye infections to cancer.

This policy also includes:

Major Medical Cover

Want to be covered for both accidents and the routine costs of keeping your furry friend healthy? Pet Insurance Australia’s Major Medical Cover policy was awarded a Mozo Experts Choice Award in the Exceptional Value Comprehensive Pet Insurance category.

This type of pet insurance covers not only accidental injuries or illness, but routine costs that often come with owning a pet, such as vaccinations, desexing and teeth cleaning. The Major Medical Cover policy is the only Pet Insurance Australia product that covers routine care.

Aside from accidents and illness, this policy also provides cover for:

This policy also includes:

Just keep in mind that pre-existing conditions, other services like housecalls or ambulance fees as well as any injury caused to your pet through negligence are not covered under all three policies. These are just a handful of need-to-knows when taking out a policy with Pet Insurance Australia, so be sure to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before signing the dotted line.


About the Mozo Experts Choice Awards

Over the years, our Mozo Experts Choice Awards have revealed the financial products that our judges believe deliver exceptional quality and value to everyday Aussies, from home loans to travel insurance.

Taking on pet insurance for the first time, our judges left no stone unturned and collected pricing and cover information from 28 different insurance providers before diving into an intensive cost crunch, gathering quotes across a range of common cat and dog breeds at different ages.

If you’d like to check out our other winners, head on over to our Mozo Experts Choice Pet Insurance Awards winners page.