4 simple ways to celebrate Easter on the cheap

With Easter on the horizon, it’s all too simple to start spending mindlessly when it comes to prepping food, gifts and entertainment for the big day. On top of that, the rising cost of living can make your usual celebrations that tad bit more expensive.

While splurging can be easy with all the major supermarkets getting into the Easter spirit from what seemed like Boxing Day, there are always cheaper ways to mark the occasion. Whether you’ve got kids to entertain or you’re celebrating with adults, we’ve got you covered this Easter.

1. Decorate your own Easter eggs

For the kids: Kids of all ages just love a little arts and crafts! Depending on how old the kids are, you might want to take care of hard-boiling any eggs.

- Paints and paintbrushes or sponges
- Glue, glitter, feathers, and beads
- Food colouring for traditionally dyed eggs

For the adults: Turn it into an Easter-themed paint and sip celebration! Grab your partner or some friends, put on some tunes and crack open a bottle for some Easter painting.

2. Bake some Easter treats

For the kids: Kids love getting messy in the kitchen, so why not make some Easter themed cookies or cupcakes? You can find simple recipes online or simply buy a cheap packet mix to make the task even simpler.

For the adults: Why not experiment with a new recipe or technique to broaden your horizons this Easter?. Instead of spending money on fancy, costly desserts from the supermarket you’ll have your very own sweet treats, handmade.

3. Easter egg hunt

For the kids: Cut out the short term sugar rush (and keep your furry friends safe) by replacing chocolate eggs with colourful print-outs or plastic alternatives and hand out some treats at the end to add an incentive instead! Scatter as many as you want – in as many interesting places as you want – this is sure to keep the kids busy.

For the adults: Enjoy a day in the garden with some classic Easter egg hunting, but it’s time to get a lot more creative with your hiding spots! You might want to stick to traditional mini chocolate eggs, which can be bought in bulk at cheaper prices. Alternatively, you can use that same paper print-out method, and you can even spice things up by adding coupons or fun facts to the back of those.

4. Forget the weekend away, instead go backyard camping

For the kids: Enjoy the classic Easter weekend road trip without the petrol and accommodation costs by enjoying some camping in your backyard. Gather up the kids, set up the tent and roll out the sleeping bags for a night of star-gazing, card games and toasty marshmallows.

For the adults: Backyard camping goes glamping! Note that this also works on a rooftop, courtyard or balcony, so apartment dwellers can also enjoy the fun. Keep the tent but add the trusty old air mattress for a little more comfort, some cosy blankets, a bottle of vino and perhaps a movie under the stars for an experience that some people would pay good money for.

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