6 things that are the perfect DIY substitute for a piggy bank

Global Money Week starts on Monday! I love GMW, because it’s all about good money management and inspiring kids to take hold of their financial future, which is right up my alley.

So in honour of the occasion, and being the personal finance nerd that I am, I was spending my free-time cruising the GMW website, and came across this nugget of knowledge:

Ummm… what? Am I the only one who was labouring under the misapprehension that a piggy bank was called that because it’s shaped like an adorable little swine?

I am aware, of course that a piggy bank doesn’t necessarily have to be shaped like a pig. Obviously. But I guess I figured that they had started as pigs, and then we’d branched out into new and exciting shapes later, as our attention spans got shorter.

Apparently I was wrong, which means all bets are off, tradition is out the window, and it’s now a piggy bank free for all. Literally anything could be a piggy bank now – so there’s no reason to dip into your savings to buy some sleek, high-quality, pig-shaped receptacle to stash your shrapnel. There are plenty of good DIY options around (although there are certainly some things that are better suited than others.)

So in light of this recent world-rocking discovery, here are 6 things that are perfectly suited to being used as a DIY piggy bank.

  • A mason jar. The humble mason jar has become a staple of arts and crafts stores worldwide – it seems there’s nothing it can’t do, be, or improve. So it’s the obvious choice for a DIY money box. Extra points because it’s fully customisable, so you can decorate it however you like – even as a pig.
  • A bucket. This is an aspirational money box. Will you actually fill a full sized bucket with spare change? Who knows. But you’re shooting for the top and it’s that kind of ambition that will see your bank balance go from sad to rad.
  • A cat in a box. Cat’s love cardboard boxes, and have very sharp claws. These two facts mean that putting your feline friend in a box and then using that same box as a piggy bank is a strategy that ensures you will only be making deposits, and not withdrawals. The penalty for making a withdrawal is bleeding fingers.
  • An old tissue box. When you get over your next cold, instead of throwing out the empty Kleenex box, hold on to it to use as a money box. Like the mason jar, you can get crafty and decorate it however you want, plus, a tissue box already has a nifty slot at the top for you to push coins through, just like a fancy store-bought moneybox.
  • An old milk carton. This is the best choice for short term savings goals for a couple of reasons – one; when you’re finished saving, the milk carton is recyclable, so it’s an environmentally friendly option. Two; if you forget to wash it out first, then the leftover milk will begin to stink pretty soon, which will motivate you to meet your savings goals quicker!
  • Your armchair. Perfect if you’re serious about a long term savings plan – because let’s face it, once those coins go in, they’re not coming out again for months, if ever. If you’re an armchair saver, though, try to use those cool new ATMs that let you deposit coins instead of going into the bank – no one wants to touch your sticky, lint-coated savings.