Gumtree advances contactless trade during COVID-19

By Olivia Gee ·

If you’re looking to save dosh while social distancing, you may be heading online to make discounted or second-hand purchases when necessary. To ensure the safety of online marketplace users, sources like Gumtree and Amazon are altering their delivery practices and fees, with eBay offering struggling sellers fee deferrals and fee-free periods for new businesses joining the site. 

As part of its special trading restrictions, Gumtree this week introduced a ‘Contactless Trade’ badge which sellers can add to their listings to signify they’re abiding by the new rules.

The badge should make negotiating product inspections, payments and delivery more efficient. It represents the seller is willing to provide additional photos or videos, transfer funds electronically, post items or set up a minimum contact pick-up, and even delay trade if recommended by the government.

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Alongside this, Gumtree is offering contactless door-to-door delivery during the pandemic through a partnership with carbon neutral delivery service Sendle. This isn’t a free service, but Gumtree users will receive a free premium membership.

The other branch of goodwill in Gumtree’s recent announcement is their Gummie Support Network. The initiative aims to bring together community members who need essential items or services with others who are able to assist them. This network of neighbours can get connected through ‘offering’ and ‘wanted’ listings marked under #LocalLegends, and follow the steps outlined here.

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