July 2018 Financial Checklist

There’s no easy way to say this, but if you thought you were in for an easy July, you’ve got another thing coming. From energy bills, to your home and savings, we’re in for a busy month. And I’d tell you that by the end of this list, you’ll want to put your feet up and have a glass of wine...but you can’t do that either. Happy July, everyone!

Try Dry July

July 1 marks the start of ‘Dry July’, a month long challenge that’s all about improving the lives of Aussie adults living with cancer. To participate, you’ll need to sign up online and give up alcohol for the month. Your family and friends can then sponsor you through donations. While you will be raising money for a good cause, you’ll also be saving yourself some cash, as according to Pocketbook, the average Aussie reportedly spends over $100 a month on booze!  

Get energy bill savvy

Something you’ll soon find is that by July 1, everyone will be talking about their energy bills. Why? Well it could have something to do with the July 1 price changes. But it could also be thanks to a recent survey, which revealed that Aussies not only don’t trust their providers, but they don’t have an understanding of how their bills work either. This month, make the effort to understand how your electricity bill works so you can ensure you’re on the most competitive energy plan.

Devise a rate rise plan

Aussies with a mortgage should brace themselves for a rate rise from many lenders, as come July 2, Bank of Queensland are set to hike their rates by up to 0.15%. And according to our Data Manager, Peter Marshall, these rises will continue “across the market”. So before your lender hikes their rates, find out if you could be on a better home loan deal by checking out our home loan switch and save calculator.

Make time for NBN

Here’s a riddle for you: what’s something we can’t live without, but pay no attention to what it actually offers? Your NBN plan! It’s time we started getting familiar with our NBN plans, especially if you have a feeling that there’s better value elsewhere. But where to start? Well it’s your lucky day because for the first time ever, our Experts Choice judges have done some digging to reveal the top NBN plans across the country! Find out if you could be on a better deal by checking out our list of Expert Choice NBN winners.

Get your s*** together and start an F*** off fund

Yes, you read that right. Mozo have been getting a little colourful with our language lately, but for good reason. Our research found that more than half of Aussies don’t have a F*** off fund (AKA emergency fund) for unexpected situations. Your F*** off fund should cover three months worth of living expenses, like rent, groceries and utilities. Start your F*** off fund this month by setting up a high interest savings account and stashing your cash.

Do a mid-year goal checkup

While it’s officially the start of the new financial year, July also means we’ve hit the halfway mark for the year. Back in December, we set our intentions and goals for the New Year, so now it’s time for a mid-year check up. Take some time to self-evaluate whether these goals are still realistic and achievable to hit before the end of 2018. And depending on your progress, you might also want to make additions to your 2018 goals list.

Need more ways to get the most bang for your buck this July? Then head over to our Life & Money Hub - we’ve got hundreds of money-savvy tips and tricks!