July 2019 Financial Checklist

HAPPY NEW YEAR! …Well, happy financial new year, that is. Wow, is it July, already? Firstly, welcome to any new readers here today, and welcome back to all of our financial checklist regulars! Now, get ready, because, from dry July to travel money to award-winning energy providers, our July 2019 financial checklist is filled to the brim with tonnes of tips and tricks to get you through the month!

Reign in the new (financial) year

Today marks the first day of the new financial year, which is basically like Christmas in July for us here at Mozo! By now you should have most of your EOFY to-do list checked off, and all your receipts and paperwork piled together, ready to lodge your tax return.

And in the spirit of the new financial year, why not start on the right foot by getting your finances in order. Do an audit on all your bills and expenses to find any potential savings opportunities. When’s the last time you checked how competitive your home loan interest rate was? Do yourself a favour and hit up our refinance home loan comparison table to see if there’s a better deal out there.

Join in on ‘dry July’

There’s nothing worse than the horror of checking your bank balance after a big night out. And trust us, being crowned ‘legend’ for shouting your mate’s a round of shots isn’t as gratifying as it sounds. Give your bank account a chance to recover and embrace ‘dry July’ this month. You’d be surprised by how much damage a few nights out can do to your finances.

On the other hand, if partying’s not your problem, you can still join in on dry July. Just work out what you’ve overindulged in lately (makeup, UberEats or online shopping), and swear off it for the month. Then at the end of the month, chuck any savings you made into a high-interest savings account, and save up for something special!

Convert your cash before the Aussie dollar drops

It’s officially “everyone’s in Europe and I’m not” season. Yay. But honestly, who doesn’t love watching their friends lap up the Ibiza summer heat via Instagram while bedridden with the flu in the middle of winter? Alright, alright. Jealousy aside...

If you’re heading overseas this month and haven’t converted your money over to foreign currency yet, then, you might want to lock your travel budget in fast. With a July RBA cash rate cut looking very likely, the Aussie dollar could drop suddenly, so check out our foreign exchange calculator to find a competitive conversion rate, while you can still get some bang for your buck.

Dodge energy bill burn

If you’ve been cranking up the heater all winter, then you’re probably in the firing line for a nasty energy bill burn! And unless you’re willing to deal with the cold (we didn’t think so), then now’s the time to start looking for a better energy deal.

Check out what’s currently in the market by running an energy comparison, then make the switch if you find a better deal. Or, if you’d rather go by word of mouth, then check out these hot energy providers who won the votes of thousands of Aussie's in the 2019 Mozo People’s Choice Awards.

Cancer Horoscope

If nostalgia were a person, she’d be a Cancer. Now, everyone loves to poke fun at Cancer for being the hyper-emotional heart-on-their-sleeve softies of the zodiac, but their loving nature will get them far. 

In fact, according to the Mozo magic 8-ball, 2019 is the year that our Cancer friends dreams will manifest into fruition. Whether it’s a dream job or that dream wedding you’ve been planning for as long as you can remember, buckle up Cancer, you just might get the very thing you wished for!

That’s all for this month’s financial checklist, folks! Can’t wait for until August? You can find tones more tips to help get your finances into tip-top ship-shape over at our life & money hub!