June 2020 Financial Checklist

It’s the first of June, which means we’ve just about reached the halfway mark of 2020. Wild, right? It’s crazy to think that most of us have spent around a quarter of the year at home in self-isolation. We definitely didn’t see that one coming.

As the lockdown restrictions are gradually starting to ease we’re in a bit of a weird transition period of coronavirus limbo. But like we said, there’s finally some light at the end of the tunnel! With this in mind, we’ve put together a few useful tips and tricks to help you make your way out the other side.

Without further ado, we give you another fabulous Financial Checklist: June 2020 edition!

Prep your post-iso budget

With the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions winding down across the country, more and more people are starting to come out of quarantine to resume their ‘normal’ lives. Whether that’s by catching up on three-months worth of gossip down at the local cafe or getting the post-corona special at the beauty salon, things are finally getting better.

Not to burst your bubble, but all that making up for lost time can come at a price, literally. And unless you’ve been online-shopping up a storm, you’ve likely saved a few extra pennies while in quarantine. Which means that as you return to the norm, your spending habits will likely change too.

By all means, treat yourself. After the last few months, you deserve it! But by making a few small adjustments to your budget, you’ll be able to keep on saving post-corona. Cycle to and from work so you can avoid rush-hour and save the $200 or more a month you’d spend on train fares or start taking lunch from home - every bit counts!

Winter-proof your energy bill

It’s officially winter. And while many people are now returning to work for the first time in months, many will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future.

This, combined with the fact that winter is already a peak period for energy use, means that many Aussies could see a spike in their energy bills. But even if you’re not working from home this winter, it’s always good to be more conscious of your energy usage.

Try to limit your use of heaters and other electrical appliances and remember to turn off powerpoints when not in use. Now’s a great time to compare energy plans and potentially even switch to a better deal.

Become the hostess with the most-ess

Speaking of winter … call it a cosmic joke, but isn’t it ironic that the moment we can finally leave the house, we’re harshly greeted by the arrival of winter! Not exactly the warm welcome back to normality we were expecting, but hey, we’ll take what we can.

But seriously folks, if the cold weather’s enough to keep you home for another few months, then stay inside and put those marvellous new cooking skills that you picked up in self-isolation to good use by hosting a dinner party. 

Thanks to this year’s Mozo People’s Choice online supermarkets and online wine and alcohol award-winners, you can have all your ingredients, plus a nice bottle of red delivered right to your door.

Take on the great Aussie road trip this long weekend

After being cooped up for three months you’re probably hanging for a holiday. But with the future of international travel still so up in the air, your chances of spending a summer in Santorini (or any other Insta-worthy overseas travel destination) are slim ... for now anyway.

Not to worry, there’s an endless list of luxurious locations in your own backyard. From Surfers Paradise on the Goldie to Seven Mile Beach down the South Coast, Australia is full of local gems. And with the Queen’s birthday long weekend coming up on the 8th of June, what better time to take on the great Australian road trip than now?

Keep your eye on the prize, Gemini’s

Lucky you, Gemini: you just might have skipped being part of the lockdown birthday crew. And extra lucky considering you lot are the social butterflies of the zodiac. Speaking of which, now that the world is slowly starting to open up once again, remember to take it easy, Gemini.

We know that your need to shout rounds at every party and multiple coffee catch-ups can lead to overspending, but never underestimate the power of self-discipline.

Earlier this year our Mozo Magic 8-ball revealed that if you get your priorities straight then you could kick some serious goals in 2020, Gemini. This still stands. Keep your eye on the prize and it’ll be yours in no time.

That’s all, folks! Catch you back here in a month for your July issue of the Financial Checklist. For now, you can go check out our life and money hub for more money tips and tricks. Or, you can head to our Coronavirus hub to stay in the loop with the latest COVID-19 news.