November 2020 Financial Checklist

November 2020 Financial Checklist

It’s November folks! Which means three things:

#1. Silly season is right around the corner
#2. Your November 2020 Financial Checklist has just arrived
#3. You’ll likely need item #2 to get through item #1!

That being said, let's dive into the checklist!

1. Bag a bargain this Black Friday

Always wished Boxing Day sales would take place before Christmas? Well, that’s what Black Friday’s for! Although Black Friday (every bargain hunter’s favourite day) started in the States, it’s well and truly taken off Down Under too, with loads of Aussie stores now taking part.

Which means you could potentially save a tonne of money by taking advantage of the upcoming Black Friday sales and doing your Christmas shopping this Friday, 27th November 2020 instead.

2. Shop smarter, not harder

Take an age-old saying but make it Mozo: the key to getting the most bang for your buck is to “shop smarter, not harder”. If you’re planning on using a credit card to do the Christmas shopping this year, then why not kill two birds with one stone and use one that’ll get you some rewards too?

With the right piece of plastic you could earn frequent flyer points, special offers and loads of other rewards just for making a purchase. So if you’re looking for the crème de la crème of rewards credit cards, look no further than the 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Rewards Credit Card Award-winners!

3. Get your energy plan geared up for summer

Now’s the time to check-in and make sure that you’ve got the best deal possible on your energy plan so you can avoid copping a massive energy bill when summer rolls around.

And with many people still working from home, electricity bills are set to skyrocket this year due to an increased use of aircon, making it even more crucial to get your energy plan sorted pronto. Run a quick energy plan comparison check to see what’s around, then make the switch if you find a better deal.

4. Start a side hustle

Haven’t already caught up on the latest episodes of The Finance Burrito Podcast? Well, there’s no time like the present! Here’s what’s been in the mix recently:

Episode #8: Is that your best price?

When was the last time you gave haggling a shot? *crickets* … Well lucky for you, Liv and Tom show us the ropes in episode 8 of The Finance Burrito:

  • This episode, learn how to haggle your way to a cheaper energy plan, fridge and everything in between!
  • Exclusive insight into how a friend of the podcast fam slashed $250 off her car insurance premium.
  • Next, Liv talks with jeweller Welfe Bowyer about designing your own engagement ring from scratch, plus, info into why more couples are ditching diamonds for stones and how it could benefit your wallet.
  • Then finally, Tom and Liv spill the beans on how much you should pay a mate for giving you a lift (this one’s extra juicy folks!).

Episode #9: Let's start a side hustle!

In episode 9, get the 411 from Tom and Liv on how to start a side hustle:

  • This episode, Tom and Liv discuss how younger Aussies are earning some extra coin by selling stuff online or kickstarting their own small businesses.
  • Next, we hear side hustler Kitty Humphries share her insight on running multiple side hustles, plus, the top things you need to know before starting one.
  • Then to help get your daily giggle in, Liv and Tom confess their biggest money regrets! …Let’s just say that between Tom’s underwear horror story and Liv’s car catastrophe they’ve both had to do the financial walk of shame!

Episode #10: We’ve got buckets of budget, baby

We’ve officially hit double digits on The Finance Burrito! So, to celebrate this epic milestone Liv and Tom are diving into the deets of the 2020 Federal Budget:

  • This episode we tackle new taxes, job subsidies, homeownership opportunities, plus, how the new changes will impact younger Aussies.
  • Then our very own producer Claire dishes the dirt on her experience with a financial imbalance in a previous relationship.
  • Are you a “Michelle”? Finally, our hilarious hosts chat about the “Michelle’s” in their social circles (A.K.A. the one who plans & pays for all events & activities).

New episodes come out every second Monday, so set a reminder in your calendar people! Stream The Finance Burrito Podcast on your favourite streaming app today!

5. Dabble in some DIY this Scorpio season

Scorpio season is officially upon us folks! And as our Mozo magic 8-ball revealed earlier this year, our Scorpio friends have been full of momentum in 2020.

Despite 2020’s many setbacks, this year our Scorpio friends have been blessed with an extra zap of motivation. Needless to say, those who channelled their newfound drive into a passion project like a DIY home renovation, for example, will soon reap the rewards.

That’s all for now, folks! We’ll catch you back here next month for the very last Financial Checklist of the year. Until then, you can keep busy by checking out the latest guides and articles over in our life & money hub.