October 2019 Financial Checklist

October’s officially here, which means it’s time for another financial checklist! But, we should warn you, this one’s not for the faint-hearted, so enter at your own risk… 

At Mozo, we couldn’t help but notice a certain eeriness looming in the air. So, get ready to face your financial fears in this spooky Halloween affair! 

We’re taught to be afraid of the dark, and things that go bump in the night. When really, it’s our own bad habits that can truly cause a fright! You see, from money monsters, you can run, but never can you hide. So this October, we dare you to look your money monsters in the eye!

Break a deal with the devil

If your bank has you feeling like you’re in a deal with the devil, then make a run for it! Whether you’ve got the heebie-jeebies from all the big bank horror stories or you’ve seen a better offer somewhere else, if you’re not feeling your current bank anymore, then get out while you still can. 

Gone are the days where you’d sign up to a bank and stick it out for life. Use our bank account comparison tool to find a better deal, then hit the road, Jack!

Slay the budget-sucking vampires

Sucking your budget dry with credit card interest payments? Then channel your inner Buffy the Vampire Slayer and slay that budget-sucking credit card vampire once and for all!

If you struggle to pay your balance off within your credit card statement period and always wind up getting lumped with high-interest fees, then it might be time to make the switch and arm yourself with a low-interest credit card instead. Far more potent than a clove of garlic!

Quit ghosting your savings

Call ghost-busters, it looks like we’ve got a savings-ghoster over here! No one likes being ghosted, and that includes your savings account! So, if you’re using the “treat yo’ self” motto to justify blowing your whole pay each month, then why not “trick or treat yo’ self” to some extra savings instead! 

Better yet, go the extra mile and stash your cash in a high-interest savings account so you can score a little extra bang for your buck in interest!

Clear the skeletons in your closet

We all have skeletons in our closets, but if yours involves debt then that’s a whole other story! If you’re forever being haunted by the expensive skeletons of your past then clear them out now so you can finally put the last nail in your debt’s coffin once and for all. 

Accumulated a little more debt than just a lingering credit card balance? In that case, to bring down the interest costs, you might want to compile all your debts together with a debt consolidation loan. Or else risk staying on the dead-end street of debt for the rest of your mortal life!

Ding-dong ditch the witch-ful thinking

Let’s creep it real here, no matter how good your intentions might be, without a solid budget in place, it can be really difficult to meet your financial goals. Witch-ful thinking is all good and well, but trust us, no spell or potion is going to save you from your online shopping addiction or lack of will power. 

Get your money sitch’ in order by sitting down and working out a budget, so you can save more money and smash your financial goals in a flash!

Happy Halloween, folks! That's all the hocus pocus for this month. Head to our life & money hub for more freaky finance tips, otherwise, we’ll catch you back here next month for your November 2019 Financial Checklist!