September 2023 Financial Checklist

Father's Day - father daughter at beach

The flowers are out, the weather’s warmer – Spring has sprung! But for those with seasonal allergies, the change in seasons might be a little less welcome. Atchoooo!! 

Not to worry. Your fave monthly read is here, with everything you need (minus an antihistamine!) to get through the month ahead. Your September 2023 Financial Checklist awaits!

1. Your last-minute Father’s Day gift sorted

Is it just me, or does Father’s Day seem to get way less air time than Mother’s Day? Let’s change that! If you’re looking for something to get dad this Father’s Day other than socks, here’s our gift guide for all types of dads!

Left things a little late? Here are some last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas.

2. Spring property season: yay or nay?

So, what’s the deal with ‘Spring Property season’, you ask? Spring is one of the most popular times of year for people to buy and sell property. 

Why? According to CoreLogic, it can largely be attributed to “longer daylight hours, fine weather and lush gardens enhancing the look and feel of properties.” In other words, people are coming out of hibernation after winter, and houses are looking better thanks to some greenery.

Tossing up on whether to sell or buy this Spring? Here are some of the pros and cons of buying and selling property in Spring.

3. Everyone loves a spring wedding, right?

Spring isn’t just the season for buying and selling homes – it’s also a popular time for weddings. Seriously, there must be some sort of astrological connection between Spring and major life events. 

Anywhoo! We’re 12 months out from Spring 2024, so if you’re thinking of having a Spring wedding next year, then now’s the time to get planning. Here are some handy resources to get you started:

4. Dare to try something new this Virgo season

Hey Virgo! Keeping an open mind will be key to achieving your goals this year. Don’t be afraid to break the mould or steer off your (oh-so-carefully crafted) life map. Does that panic you a little (or a lot), Virgo? All the more reason to shake things up!

This year, you might feel called to try something new, like entering a business partnership or a new project at work that’s outside of your usual scope. Dare to try something new, and the benefits could soon follow, Virgo.

On another note – it’s Spring! And what better time to do a financial spring clean and dust off any bad money habits? It might also be a good time to revisit your budget or download a budgeting app. Although we’re probably preaching to the choir with that one!

5. What to watch in September 2023

On the hunt for some new content to sink your teeth into? Here’s everything new on streaming in September 2023:

That’s all for this month! We’ll catch you back here next month for your October 2023 Financial Checklist. For now, go check out our life & money hub!