6 iconic movie cars and what type of insurance they need

Batmobile driving past fans with car insurance

Let’s consider car insurance - if you own wheels you’ve just gotta have it! But here at Mozo we try to have a little fun along the road of organising premiums, excess and optional extras.

Since many of us have been catching up on classic cinema during the pandemic, we assessed some beloved silver screen cars and outlined the kind of insurance they might need.

From bare-bones cover to kingly comprehensive car insurance, check out what these famous fictional engines should be covered for. It might give you some haggling hints for when you’re renewing your own policy, or even inspire you to change things up in the motor department. 

The Batmobile

Bruce Wayne’s custom-built, crime-fighting machine will definitely need comprehensive car insurance. Gotham City’s gravel-voiced protector has sunk some serious dough into these wheels, so he’ll want to pull out all the stops, especially considering the kind of damages vigilantism can cause. 

He should consider pricing the Batmobile at agreed value, since the armour and weaponry additions make it uncomparable in the market. Speaking of mods, Batman needs to make sure his policy covers modifications.

The DeLorean on the red carpet

The DeLorean

Back to the Future’s retro-fantastic time machine would also need mods covered in its policy. We recommend Doc Brown apply for classic car insurance. Sure, the DeLorean isn’t sitting snugly in a safe garage like some of these policies require, but technically it’s not parked on the street either  – time travel policy holes, right?

The ’80s wheels which make so much trouble for Marty McFly surely qualify as classic, and should be treated with the kind of specialist care a vintage or classic insurer provides.

Cher’s Clueless Jeep

We’d say it’s almost essential that Cher compare comprehensive car insurance policies for her snazzy Jeep in Clueless. Firstly, it’s probably fresh off the assembly line, so would be worth a pretty penny to replace. Secondly, Cher is a notoriously risky drive.

Dionne: “Hello? There was a stop sign.” Cher: “I totally paused!”

Since she’s a young driver and has probably made a claim before, she might get hit with a higher premium and won’t be up for a no claim bonus. But if she can work the system (like she always does) and sort out a lower excess, then she could save some extra cash to invest in more Shakespear-worthy outfits.

The War Rig

Furiosa’s War Rig in Mad Max: Fury Road is an imposing figure, but it’s not impenetrable. Since this hardcore driver probably isn’t concerned about cosmetic damages, she should consider a third party fire and theft policy.

Why? Because Furiosa has to park that beast in a desert full of war boys and apocalypse survivors – fire and theft are bound to happen!

Cars from the Pixar film

Tow Mater

Since the vehicles in the 2006 Pixar classic Cars are sentient, we’re sitting in a kind of car/health insurance limbo. For the sake of this game, if the rough-but-loveable tow truck Mater were to take out car insurance, we bet it would be standard third party car insurance. This is the cheapest kind of elective car insurance, covering damages you cause to other cars and property, but not your own. 

This might work well for Mater’s rust-bucket features, but he should consider raising the standard payout for damages to others. If he crashed into Lightning McQueen the repair bill could be a lot high than the standard $5,000 covered by most third party policies

Any Jurassic Park 4WD or Jeep

Look, there’s really nothing we can do here. Dinosaur attacks just aren’t insurable events in any policies we know of, so you’re on your own unfortunately.

For cars beyond the virtual realm, insurance requirements may differ depending on where you live. Mozo’s guide to car insurance rules in each state and territory will help you sort out the best deal.