Bingle, Stella and more rewrite the rules of car insurance in 2021

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Back in the day, taking out car insurance meant flipping through the yellow pages, circling providers and numbers to call. Now, in 2021 a quick internet search is all that’s required to find the right cover. Insurance companies have moved online and a fair few are even rewriting the rules altogether!

The past 10 or so years have seen a number of car insurance providers spring onto the scene. Many offer something unique, from Bingle, an early adopter of the online-only insurance model, to Stella which specialises in insurance for women, and on to Rollin' which is all about making life easier with monthly subscriptions.

Here’s a quick roundup of some car insurance providers doing things a little differently.

Bingle Comprehensive Car Insurance*
  • Online-only car insurance
  • 24/7 claims service
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Backed by insurance giant Suncorp, Bingle was one of the first to jump on the online-only insurance game in 2008. Bingle says it saves money by not paying for sales centres or pricey TV ads. Instead it uses that money to provide affordable cover to Aussies. Its comprehensive car insurance policy includes legal liability, plus cover for accidental damage, flooding, fire, storms and theft. There’s even a few optional extras to choose from such as windscreen and hire car cover. You can choose to pay premiums monthly, but this will cost extra. As Bingle is online-only, it doesn’t have a phone number, but customers can lodge insurance claims 24/7 via its website and use its online help centre for any queries.

Rollin' Comprehensive Car Insurance*
  • Works like a month-to-month subscription
  • $0 excess for windscreen cover

New on the block in 2019, Rollin' Insurance’s offerings are unique. With this provider you can get comprehensive car insurance that works just like a monthly subscription. That’s right, there are no lock-ins or cancellation fees. Rollin’s comprehensive policy covers accidental collisions, fires or explosions, theft, vandalism and lightning. There’s even a $0 excess for windscreen, sunroof or window glass damage - once per insurance period. Just keep in mind that if you do let anyone steer your wheels who is not listed on the insurance policy, a hefty $3,000 excess may apply. Lastly, like Bingle, Rollin' does not have a contact number, however, they promise to respond to queries ASAP via email.

Stella Comprehensive Car Insurance*
  • Designed for women, by women
  • $2,000 baby gear cover
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Arriving on the scene just last year, Stella provides car insurance designed by women, for women. It offers theft and accidental damage cover, personal items cover up to $1,000, baby gear cover up to $2,000 and domestic cover. This covers damage deliberately caused by a current or former spouse, where the incident has been reported to the police. Roadside assistance and hire car cover are also available as optional extras. Paying your premium monthly is an option, but it will cost you a bit extra. You can contact Stella by telephone, or by sending a message via the website.

Huddle Comprehensive Car Insurance*
  • Pay-per-km policy option
  • 24/7 claims processing, via Huddle’s Zap app
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The minds behind Huddle have been using clever tech to create smooth insurance offerings for Australians since 2016. Huddle’s Everyday Comprehensive Car Insurance policy includes legal liability cover, plus cover for collisions, natural events, fire, theft, essential repairs and a hire car following a theft. New for old car replacement is also available as an optional extra. Plus, anyone who drives less than 15,000km could receive a discount of as much as 30%, with Huddle’s pay-per-km policy option! Just keep in mind that with this policy, there are young and unlisted driver excesses up to $2,000. Finally, you can make claims 24/7 via Huddle’s nifty Zap app. 

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