Suncorp reveals the most dangerous times to be on the road as a Queensland driver

If there’s one annoyance that can truly unite commuters the world over, it’s Friday afternoon traffic. And according to new figures from car insurance giant Suncorp, there may be an even better reason for many Queenslanders to avoid the crawling traffic and endless horns on their drive home at the end of the week.

According to Suncorp’s analysis of nearly 4,000 Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance claims made throughout Queensland between September 2016 and October 2017, drivers were most likely to be injured in the afternoon, while - depending on where you live - Tuesday and Friday were found to be the most dangerous days of the week for driving.

“Most injuries on our roads are happening at the start and end of the working week, when commuters are rushing to get home. Friday afternoon is when people are often exhausted from the week and feeling impatient behind the wheel,” said Suncorp spokesperson, Ashleigh Paterson. 

“Failing to give way on the road and tailgating are often a result of impatient driving and are contributing factors to many of these accidents.”

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The data, which included injuries to pedestrians and cyclists as well as drivers and passengers, revealed Friday to be the most dangerous day for drivers in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, while the afternoon proved the most likely time for injuries to occur.

In Brisbane, 26% of all accidents happened in the afternoon period as motorists travelled home from work, while it was even higher for drivers on the Gold Coast at 30%.

However, the data painted a different picture for regional Queensland. Whether it’s the absence of a Friday afternoon rush or another factor altogether, Suncorp’s analysis revealed Tuesday to be the most dangerous day for car-related injuries in regional areas, though afternoons still proved the worst time of day - accounting for 30% of all accidents.

According to Paterson, many of the accidents and injuries that were flagged in the insurance claims simply came down to drivers becoming distracted and not paying attention to their surroundings - mistakes that often had serious consequences.

“A split-second loss of concentration or misjudgement is all it takes to cause an accident that can lead to devastating long-term injuries or worse. It affects more than just the injured people; it affects families and whole communities”, she said.

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