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How to haggle on your car insurance in 2024

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Car insurance is a must-have product for many Aussies across the country, but you shouldn't have to fork out big bucks for a little peace of mind.

So if it's coming up to renewal time, or you've just got confirmation that your car insurance premium is going up in price, it might mean it's time to summon the 'Karen' within and do some negotiation. 

After all, Karens may ruffle a few feathers, but they save money on their car insurance.

Don't pay the 'loyalty tax'

Car insurance providers tend to offer new customers a better deal, while existing customers might find their premium increases year after year. View

How to haggle on your car insurance

If the thought of haggling is enough to send shivers down your spine, fear not.

We’ve created a cheat-sheet with a few haggling tips, plus a simple script to follow.

A graphic outlining how to use competitor car insurance quotes to negotiate your car insurance renewal increase.

More car insurance haggling tips

  1. Do your research. Get the inside scoop using sites that help you compare car insurance, like Mozo. You’ll find insurance providers commonly offer first-year discounts to new customers who buy online. Quote these deals when negotiating and tell your provider they’ll have to match to retain your business.
  2. Acknowledge changes to your circumstances. Have you reduced the amount you drive recently? Let your provider know if you were an active driver whose car is now collecting dust. You can even check out pay as you drive car insurance, as an alternative option.
  3. Don’t accept the first offer. Providers often lay out a discount straight off the bat – don’t immediately accept this. It’s likely they can do better, so ask for more. 
  4. Prepare to bluff. Even if you want to sit tight with your policy, a potential break-up will get their attention (advice not to be used in human relationships). Tell your provider you’re willing to walk away so they know you’re serious.
  5. Chat virtually. If, even armed with all these top tips, you are still not 100% confident in your ruthless bartering skills, a lot of insurance providers enable you to communicate with a customer service provider online. So if you're more of a wordsmith than an orator, you could head for the chat bubble or email chain instead of the phone.

If you feel like you need more industry know-how before you head for the haggling field, check out Mozo's guide to switching car insurance policies.

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