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Mozo editorial review RAA Comprehensive Car Insurance - last updated: 8 November 2023

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What's hot
  • 2023 Mozo Experts Choice Award
  • No claim bonus up to 70%
  • Multi-policy discount of 10%
  • Pay your premium monthly at no extra cost
What's not
  • Only available in SA
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RAA Comprehensive Car Insurance really rewards drivers who have a clean claims history, with a no claims bonus that can grow as large as 70% and is protected for life once you reach it. This policy comes with all the perks of a top level car insurance policy while giving you the opportunity to save some of your hard-earned cash through multi-policy, loyalty and seniors discounts.

Did we also mention that it's an award winner? That's right, RAA's Comprehensive Car Insurance policy picked up an award for Exceptional Quality Car Insurance at the 2023 Mozo Experts Choice Car Insurance Awards.   

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Key features

With RAA’s Comprehensive Car Insurance policy you will have the freedom to choose whether you want your car insured at an agreed or market value and where it is going to be repaired if you are involved in an accident. If you own and regularly use your own trailer or caravan, you will be covered up to the value of $1,500 if it is damaged or stolen while attached to your insured vehicle. And if your windscreen or window glass is chipped or cracked you’ll be able to get that fixed or replaced without having to pay any excess. 

Plus, as long as your car is brand new, and have had it insured with RAA since then, RAA will replace you car with a comparable new model if yours is written off within 2 years of the initial registration in the future.

Keep in mind that RAA doesn't offer roadside assistance as standard, so you’ll have to choose it as an optional extra at an addition cost if you want that included in your cover (this starts at $107 per-year). Similarly, while they will cover the cost of a rental for up to 21 days at $90 a day if your car is stolen, rental costs following an accident are also an optional extra.

If you’re a driver who has spent years carefully racking up the maximum no claims bonus then you can rest easy knowing it's protected for life. You'll be reaping the rewards of an attractive 70% no claims bonus as long as you’re with RAA. On top of that, you can also save 10% for having three or more policies with RAA and another 10% if you’re a senior.

Who is it good for

RAA is a South Australian insurance company so you’ll only be able to take out its Comprehensive Car Insurance if you’re a resident of that state. A generous no claims bonus scheme means this policy is great value for drivers with a clean claims history. 

It is also a good policy to consider if you don’t have the funds to pay for a full year upfront because RAA give you the option to pay by the month at no extra cost.

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Any catches

Keep in mind roadside assistance doesn't come as standard with this policy, and you won’t be able to take this policy out if you’re not a South Australian driver.


Cover information and limits in the table below correct as at 21 April 2024. Mozo has robust processes to ensure our site is updated to reflect the latest information from providers. There may be the odd occasion where updates are delayed, so please confirm information before purchasing.
Discounts and excesses


$300 - $1,300

$600 for drivers under 21, $500 for drivers under 25.

- (QLD)
- (ACT)
- (NT)
- (WA)
- (VIC)
- (TAS)
- (NSW)
70% (SA)

8 years


10% discount for 3 or more policies

Maximum no claims discount is protected for life when insured reaches the maximum no claims discount level.

Loyalty discount of $40 if you hold the policy for more than 5 years.|A discount of $30 applies if you have an after market alarm or engine immobilser installed.|Seniors discount of 10%.

Service features

Optional Extra






Coverage summary

Agreed or Market

Yes - If the car is brand new and its written off within 5 years of the initial registration date, it will be replaced with a brand new one.

Up to $1,500 if damaged or stolen.

Yes - $0 windscreen excess.

Up to $750

Reasonable towing costs. Up to $750 travel and accommodation costs if greater than 100 km from home. Up to $150 for taxi fares.

Yes - Up to 21 days, $90 per day.

Not at fault - Optional Extra. At fault - Optional Extra. Up to 21 days, max $90 per day.

Yes - legal liability cover when using a substitute vehicle. Optional extra - $4,000 contribution towards excess or security bond when using a hire car after an event.

Up to $1,500

Up to $1,000 if stolen.


Covered only if agreed in writing.

$5,000 if driver is 18 years old or over.

Optional Extra

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