Westpac takes out a Mozo Experts Choice Insurance Award for the third year in a row

Ceyda Erem

Monday 11 November 2019

When it comes to making sure your home is protected against anything life wants to throw at it, having the best home insurance policy around is essential. 

And while there might be a number of names that jump to mind when you think of an award winning insurer, you could be forgiven for forgetting to add Westpac to the list. 

Of course that would be an easy mistake to make, given that Westpac are traditionally more known for their banking products. 

However, Westpac has received a Mozo Experts Choice Home Insurance Award for the last two years, with this year being no different. 

The big bank was awarded two 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for its Essential and Premium Care Residential home insurance policy in the Exceptional Value Home and Contents Insurance category. The Premium Care Residential policy also took out an award in the Exceptional Quality category. 

“Despite the fact that we assessed 62 different home insurance policies, Westpac still proved to be a standout for the third year in a row,” said Mozo expert judge, Peter Marshall. 

“And to see a win in both the Exceptional Value and Quality category this year just goes to show that the Premium Care Residential insurance policy delivers on both the range of benefits and extent of cover.” 

What the Westpac Premium Residential policy looks like 

Getting to the juicy bits, the Westpac Premium Care Residential home insurance policy, both your home and contents will be protected against a range of events from fires to floods and even storm surge, an event that’s typically not covered on an insurance policy.

New for old cover is also available with this policy, as well as underinsurance protection (up to 30% of the building sum insurance amount), to protect you from being cut short.

But best of all, there are multiple discounts up for grabs, such as a 25% discount when you quote and buy online (made up of a 15% online discount and 10% discount for bundling home and contents insurance together). There’s even a discount for households that have security systems installed! 

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