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Australias best pet insurance in 2022

Australia's best pet insurance in 2022

For many, pets have given us so much during the pandemic. From companionship, to comfort, and both mental and physical wellbeing, 70% of Australians say that being a pet owner has improved their lives during the pandemic, according to Animal Medicines Australia. That’s why choosing a pet insurance policy that will do right by our companions is so important. After all, your best friend deserves the best.

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Buying a dog in 2022 read this first

Buying a dog in 2023? Read this first

Are you thinking about buying a dog this year? If you are, it might be best to get your new furry friend sooner than later. Your wallet will thank you for it. 

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How to buy a pet for christmas

How to buy a pet for Christmas?

We’ve all seen the ads or films where a cute puppy pops out of a gift wrapped box. It’s heartwarming seeing the furry friend see their new owner and give them a hello lick. 

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Aussies spent 21 9 billion on their pets says afterpay

Aussies spent $21.9 billion on their pets, says Afterpay

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes family members are four-legged furry rascals that like to scratch the couch. Even with their occasional mischief Australians still love their pets and are willing to spend more money on spoiling their pets than themselves. 

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