$200,000 pre-wedding headache: Aussies hit by unexpected overseas party costs

A nationwide study by Southern Cross Travel Insurance has revealed 75% of Aussies travelling overseas for a hens or bucks party were left short-changed by up to $2,000, and some even had bills of over $200,000, from unexpected expenses including missed flights and expensive bar tabs.  

With almost 5% of pre-wedding revellers being hit with six figure bills, Craig Morrison, CEO of Southern Cross Travel Insurance, urged Australians to think seriously about buying travel insurance to avoid any expensive fallouts.

"As overseas hens and bucks events become more and more popular, we encourage all travellers to make sure they’re covered should the unexpected happen during the Celebrations.”

“With so much to plan, 15% of those surveyed forgot about travel insurance entirely. Despite the cost when things go wrong, shelling out on the trip meant 11% of Aussies didn’t purchase insurance because they couldn’t afford it,” he said.

Delayed or missed flights accounted for the largest amount of unforeseen costs, while medical expenses (39%) and restaurant tabs (37%) also hit travellers hard.  

The research found that pre-wedding parties were becoming increasingly popular in South East Asia, with Bali and Thailand noted hotspots, while hens’ and bucks’ favourite Las Vegas still remained a classic destination despite the distance.

Even with the potential misadventures and costs associated with overseas pre-wedding parties, around 25% of Australians did so uninsured, and Leanne Mousley, of Cherry Picked Travel, advised Australians to consider the financial risks before travelling. 

“Cheap flights, beautiful beaches and buzzing nightlife are a big drawcard for Aussies planning the ultimate pre-wedding party. Being away from their everyday environment also gives some a sense of being able to do things they wouldn’t normally do back home.”

“Flight disruptions definitely left a few hens and bucks in the lurch! I’ve seen group of bucks living it up in Vegas miss their flight home and the volcanic ash cloud in Bali ground groups of hens for days. Fortunately on both occasions they were insured,” she said.

In the early stages of planning your own wedding? Cover yourself against any unexpected travel headaches on your bucks or hens trip by comparing a range of travel insurance policies.