A snapshot of Aussie travellers in 2019 and travel insurance in the new decade

World travellers from down under aren’t few in number, and it looks like most of us are keen to keep up the trend over the next 10 years. 

In the latest research conducted by travel website Luxury Escapes, it was revealed that there are some commonalities when it comes to where Aussies go, what we spend our money on overseas and why we decide to travel in the first place.  

“We know that Australians love to travel, and this research confirms it,” Luxury Escapes CEO, Cameron Holland said.

“Australians are planning to travel even more in the coming decade, with frequent domestic travel and an annual trip overseas, increasingly to celebrate life’s milestones, to relax and recharge, or to blend work with a holiday - all themes that we saw from this research and that marry up with what we’re experiencing.” 

And with more travel comes a greater need for travel insurance, so it’s important you know the ins and outs of what you’re covered for. 

Recent data collected by Mozo found that there are a whole bunch of activities, like rock climbing, skiing and skydiving that are less likely to be covered under a policy, while most providers will cover bungee jumping and surfing. 

So let’s see take a look into the common trends of the Aussie traveller and the pitfalls to look out for when insuring holiday activities. 

Defining the Aussie traveller 

Australians are known for travelling far and wide across the globe, whether it’s a road trip across the Americas, a food tour of Europe or an Asian adventure. 

From a survey of close to 20,000 respondents, Canada, the USA, Italy, England, Greece, the Maldives and Japan were amongst the top locations Luxury Escapes predict Aussies will visit in the next decade.   

Here’s what else they found out: 

What we do 

The top three most popular holiday themes for Aussies were food (59%), local culture (55%) and history (52%). While just under a third of people would jump on a plane to go walking or trekking, or to hit up an overseas winery, distillery or brewery, only 22% would do it for a music festival. 

How we spend

Splashing cash overseas is no foreign concept for Aussie holidayers. 3 in 10 claim to spend over $10,000 on trips each year, while a quarter claim to spend between $4,000 and $6,000. 

And who doesn’t love to indulge a little while they’re away? According to the same research, fancy restaurants, room upgrades and massages are the most popular ways for Australians to spend a few (and a few more) extra dollars.  

Why we go  

Aussies don’t always need an excuse to travel, because why not just jet set for the fun of it, right? But there are some common events that cause us to pack our bags and head across the world. 

Half of respondents claimed that a birthday is the biggest reason to go overseas, while 42% said they’d go for an anniversary and 39% would go for a wedding. 

Insuring the Aussie traveller 

Did someone say bungee jumping? Or are you more the scuba diving type? Adventure activities can be a highlight of any holiday - but do you double check that you’re covered before you take the leap?  

Like Aussie travellers, all travel insurance policies aren’t made the same, and not all overseas activities are covered. And according to Mozo’s latest research, there are some common pitfalls between providers, with some activities being more likely to be on your policy than others. 

“Having a closer read of a travel insurance policy is crucial for Aussie travellers that are planning to head overseas and want to know exactly what they are covered for before they go,” Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont said. 

“Our research found that activities like bungee jumping and scuba diving are more likely to be covered under a travel insurance policy than going on a cruise - so don’t just assume that what you want to do on your holiday is automatically covered, you may need to take out extra cover or look to another provider instead.”  

Check out our stats about overseas activity cover:

Bungee jumping95%5%1%
Conservation work80%10%10%
Mountain biking73%20%7%
Rock climbing0%74%26%
Scuba diving83%8%9%
Snow sports24%19%57%

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