Everything you need to know about Stay NSW vouchers

If you’re a NSW Resident over the age of 18, then you’re eligible for a $50 voucher which you can put towards booking accommodation. The vouchers are valid from February 21 2022, up until October 9 2022. 

These are a lot like the Dine and Discover vouchers that were previously released by the NSW government.

The end goal is to promote tourism within the state and help businesses that were hard-hit by the pandemic and ensuing travel restrictions, according to the NSW government

“This is a win-win for NSW – the vouchers will give hard hit businesses much needed stimulus, while also encouraging residents to explore our great State,” Victor Dominello, Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government, said. 

By using this voucher to save on accommodation, it frees up your travel budget a little. We’d recommend putting it towards a domestic travel insurance policy, so you’re covered in case something goes wrong on your trip.

How do I get a Stay NSW voucher?

You can apply for a Stay NSW voucher online. Just head over to the Service NSW website and follow the prompts. 

Eligibility requirements include being over the age of 18 and a NSW resident. You’ll also need a MyServiceNSW account, two forms of ID (like a driver’s licence and passport), and a mobile phone with which you can access the Service NSW app. 

Once you’ve followed the instructions, if eligible, you should have access to your vouchers either through the ‘Vouchers’ section of the Service NSW app, or in your e-mail inbox within the hour.

Where can I use my Stay NSW voucher?

You put your one-time $50 Stay NSW voucher towards the cost of accommodation at participating NSW businesses.

Can you use more than one Stay NSW voucher?

According to Service NSW, you can use multiple vouchers for the same transaction so long as the business allows for bill-splitting.

Domestic travel insurance

While you might not think travel insurance for your domestic holiday is all that important, it could actually prove to be super handy in a few different situations. 

Say you’re two days out from leaving, but you get injured at work. Suddenly, there’s flights and pre-booked accommodation that you mightn’t be able to get a refund on. Having cancellation cover on your travel insurance policy could save you hundreds. 

That’s just one example, but the benefits are wide-ranging. From lost luggage, to rental-car excess fees if you end up in a prang, a domestic travel insurance policy is just as useful as international travel insurance.  

However, most domestic policies will specify that coverage is only available if you’re travelling farther than 250km from home. 

For example, someone who lives in Sydney would be covered for a trip to Byron Bay, but not Nelson Bay. So, that’s an important factor to consider when you’re planning your next trip.

Coming up to the snow season, you could get coverage for somewhere like Jindabyne, where there are accommodation businesses registered as part of the Stay NSW voucher program. Someone living in Sydney would be covered for their trip to Jindabyne, as it’s further than 250km from home. But, if they were planning on going skiing, they’d probably need to consider snow travel insurance, the price of which may even out due to the discounted accommodation, depending on the provider. 

So, if you’re planning to explore the state, start considering what you’re looking for in a domestic travel insurance policy, then compare your options below.