InsureandGo releases 2017 public holiday hacks to give you the biggest vacation possible

With Easter already less than two months away, travel insurer InsureandGo has urged Australians to think strategically about public holidays, with the potential on offer to extend their vacations using just a handful of annual leave days.

The insurer analysed public holiday dates across the nation to calculate the best ways for Australian workers to take a break using the fewest days of annual leave possible, with the Easter and Anzac Day period in April proving the most fruitful.    

With just 11 days separating Easter Friday and Anzac Day this year, Australians could take a whopping 17 day holiday using just seven days of annual leave between April 14th and 28th.

“Public holidays come around very quickly, and it’s easy to miss out on booking in a trip if you leave it too late. With the Easter holidays fast approaching, now is the time to start locking in your travel plans,” said Jonathan Etkind, Commercial Manager of InsureandGo.

“It’s also a great opportunity to travel to overseas destinations like Asia or Europe, where Australians can often lose at least a day or two travelling.”

While 17 days is more than enough time to jet off overseas, Etkind has warned Aussies to cover themselves adequately, with unseen expenses such as medical costs sometimes running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With the Mozo database showing that a 30 year-old holidaying in Thailand for 17 days in April would pay just $43.69 for travel insurance with a policy from InsureandGo, including unlimited overseas medical and hospital cover, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

The analysis by InsureandGo also looked at the best dates for each respective state outside of the Easter period, with the best opportunities for extended breaks coming for workers from New South Wales and Queensland.  

It found that holiday-seekers from New South Wales could take a ten day trip using just four days of annual leave if they plan their trip around the Queen’s Birthday weekend (Saturday June 3 to Monday June 13).

While workers from Brisbane could also be in for a holiday treat if they play their cards right, with the opportunity to take a nine day break using just four days of annual leave around The Royal Queensland Show (Saturday August 12 to Sunday August 20).

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