The best travel insurance for your next overseas ski holiday

Travel insurance isn’t always so clear cut to begin with, but things get even more complicated when snow sports are on the agenda. That’s why we’re singling out the best travel insurance for those planning on hitting the slopes in this year’s Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards.

Only a handful of travel insurance policies automatically cover snow activities - the rest require you to opt-in. So when it came time to pick the best, our team of judges had their work cut out for them. 

To whittle down the contenders, we considered only the policies that offered:

  • unlimited medical cover
  • at least $7,500 of luggage cover
  • and $15,000 cancellation cover

And to keep things simple, we compared prices for a family on a ski trip to Japan for two weeks.

The winners were those that stood out thanks to their affordable and wide-ranging cover. So if your next holiday is coming up and you plan on spending your fair share of time in the snow, these Exceptional Value Ski Travel Insurance Award winning policies should definitely be on your radar.

Travel with Kit - Comprehensive

Travel with Kit is a newcomer to the travel insurance scene, but proved to be a major standout this year. Under the Snow Pack, which is offered as part of the Comprehensive policy option, you’ll receive unlimited cover for medical assistance and hospital expenses in the event of a snow sport injury. 

Standout features

  • Sports equipment is insured up to $1,500, whether it’s yours or a rental. 
  • If you show up to your destination only to find that insufficient snow, bad weather, or power failures have rendered all lift systems non-functional, Travel with Kit will pay for transport to the nearest alternative ski resort, up to $1,000. 

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RACV - Extra Travel Care

If you’re planning on hitting the slopes, Extra Travel Care from RACV will make sure you’re taken care of if things go awry. Just make sure you sign up for the Ski and Winter Sports Cover to get the cover that’s relevant to you.

Standout features

  • If due to sickness or injury you’re unable to make the most out of your ski pass and other similar purchases, you’ll be reimbursed up to $500. 
  • If the piste is closed, you’ll receive $100 for every 24 hour period it remains inoperational (up to $500) to cover travel to the nearest resort or the cost of additional ski passes.

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World2Cover - Essentials

World2Cover was an obvious favourite among our judges, taking home the title of Travel Insurance Provider of the Year. It’s part of the Tokio Marine Group, a global provider of insurance that has roots going all the way back to 1879. As for its policies, there are three levels of cover for those heading overseas and one for domestic travellers. Within those, it’s the Ski and Winter Option that you’ll want to sign up for. 

Standout features

  • If you’re ready to tackle the slopes but find the lifts aren’t operational, you’ll be reimbursed $50 for every 24 hours that the lifts are closed, and World2Cover will cover the cost of travel to the nearest resort or the purchase of additional ski passes. 
  • Hire equipment is insured up to $2,000
  • Lost or stolen lift passes are insured up to $500.

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World2Cover - Top

World2Cover took out two awards in this category, making it a good bet for ski-bound travellers. Its Top option offers more comprehensive cover than the Essentials options, ensuring you’ll receive top-notch cover in case any unexpected mishaps threaten to derail your holiday. Once again, you’ll need to sign up for Ski and Winter Sports Options to receive the full range of benefits; once that’s in place, your ski holiday is ready to commence. 

Standout features

  • In the case of piste closure, you’ll receive $100 each 24 hour period to cover the cost of either transport to another resort or additional ski passes. 
  • If bad weather or an avalanche have spoiled your trip, World2Cover will pay for your extra travel and accommodation expenses, within reason.
  • If any snow equipment you’ve hired is lost, stolen or damaged, the maximum benefit payable under single cover is $2,000. 
  • If your lift pass is lost or stolen, you’ll receive up to $1,000. 

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As part of this year’s Mozo Experts Choice Awards, we looked at a number of insurance policies to suit a wide range of situations and budgets. For a more in-depth look, be sure to check out the full list of Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards winners.