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    Monthly repayment
    6.75% 26.95% p.a.
    6.75% 26.95% p.a.based on $30,000
    over 5 years

    Borrow up to $50,000 unsecured. Perfect if you earn more than $22,100 p.a. and have good to excellent credit. Multi-year winner of Mozo’s Experts Choice Unsecured Personal Loan Award, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024^'

    Repayment terms from 2 years to 7 years. Representative example: a 5 year $30,000 loan at 6.75% would cost $35,430.23 including fees.

  • Unsecured Personal Loan


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    Monthly repayment
    5.76% 24.03% p.a.
    6.55% 24.98% p.a.based on $30,000
    over 5 years

    Fast, easy and 100% online, this is a low cost loan with no ongoing fees or extra repayment penalties. It's perfect for savvy borrowers with great credit. If you’re over 18 and earn above $30,000, you could qualify (other eligibility criteria may apply).

    Repayment terms from 3 years to 7 years. Representative example: a 5 year $30,000 loan at 5.76% would cost $35,173.52 including fees.

  • Debt Consolidation Loan

    interest rate
    comparison rate
    Monthly repayment
    5.76% 24.03% p.a.
    6.57% 24.99% p.a.based on $30,000
    over 5 years

    Roll multiple debts into one loan to streamline your finances with one set of repayments and one interest rate. Competitive fixed interest rates with no monthly or early repayment fees and flexible repayment options. Easy online application and funding in as little as 24 hours (subject to approval).

    Repayment terms from 3 years to 7 years. Representative example: a 5 year $30,000 loan at 5.76% would cost $35,173.52 including fees.

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Finding the right motorcycle loan for you

If you’re looking for the right motorbike or scooter, it can be just as big of a commitment as buying a car. Taking your transport to two wheels can cost some serious cash, no matter what type of motorcycle you’re looking for. 

How does a motorcycle loan work?

When you take out a loan on a motorbike, it operates much the same as any other loan. 

The money you borrow to pay for the vehicle will be paid back to the dealership, bank or other lender over a set term along with the interest accumulated across the term of the loan. 

Most loans on motorcycles are secured against the bike you purchase. Should you default on payments or be unable to repay your loan, the lender are able to repossess the bike in question. If you do not want this to be the condition of your loan, you might look to using an unsecured personal loan or your savings to purchase a motorcycle.

How is a motorcycle loan different from a car loan?

While motorcycle loans and car loans share a lot of commonalities - and you can often use car loans to finance your bike - there are some important differences. 

While both car and bike loans tend to be secured, motorbike will set you back considerably less cash than a car. Prices for beginner bikes tend to hover between $5,000-$10,000, while fancy bikes with all the trimmings can step right up to the $40,000 level. As such, bike loans tend to be set for lower amounts and shorter terms than car loans. 

Along with financing being offered by many motorcycle dealerships, lots of large car loan lenders have competitive options for bikes that differ from their car loan offerings. NRMA has a specific loan to be used on motorcycles, as does OurMoneyMarket

What other costs do I need to keep in mind when buying a bike?

Though a brand new bike might cost you less than $10,000, there are other costs to consider when looking to buy a motorcycle.

Buying a motorcycle means making sure you have an up-to-date motorcycle licence, which comes with the associated registration and upkeep fees. 

Motorbikes are cheaper than cars to run, but incur their own costs, including but not limited to:

  • Safety gear
  • Bike maintenance

  • Registration

  • Fuel

  • Insurance

  • Roadside assistance

Regardless of whether you plan to use your bike on a daily commute or are looking to cruise around the coast on the weekend, a low interest motorcycle loan can help make it happen. But how do you know when you’ve found the bike finance that’s right for you? 

While we can’t answer that question for you, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to finding the right motorcycle loan for you. These are all questions that you should be asking yourself when you’re on the market for a bike loan.

Motorcycle loans or personal loans, is there a difference?

Not necessarily. You can use personal loans for lots of different things, like home renovations, weddings, holidays, or definitely to buy your dream motorcycle. If you are specifically in the market for a bike, there are also loans designed just for bikes and other speciality vehicles, like scooters (as well as loans for other vehicles like caravans).

What kind of motorcycle loan can I get in Australia?

While motorbikes come in all shapes and sizes, you’ll find that bike loans generally fall into two major categories. You can opt for a secured motorcycle loan or an unsecured motorcycle loan. Knowing the difference between the two is important, as you’ll need to choose the type of loan that best suits your needs.

Secured bike loan - This is the most common type of loan you’ll come across once you start to compare motorbike loans. Similar to a secured car loan, it will require an asset, like your new bike, to be put up as collateral. This means that your lender can repossess your bike if you ever default on the loan. In return, secured loans generally come with lower interest rates than unsecured loans.

Unsecured bike loan - On the other hand, if you opt for an unsecured bike loan, you won’t need any big asset for security, but it does mean that you may have to pay a higher interest rate.

Can I buy a motorbike with a car loan?

Yes you can! If you are thinking of taking out a loan to buy a motorcycle, you will have the choice between a personal loan or car loan. There aren’t any big differences between the two loans, other than the fact that a car loan can only be used to buy a vehicle, whereas a personal loan can be used for other things like debt consolidation or home renovation as well.

Can I still get a bike loan if my credit is bad?

You should still be able to take out a bike loan with bad credit but you will need to check with your lender. If you’ve got a bad credit history and are looking to apply for a bike loan, you’ll soon find that the interest rates on offer are pretty steep.

This is because worse credit means higher risk for lenders once you borrow money, and a higher likelihood that they won’t see a return on their money. For better interest rates, it might be worth repairing your credit score before putting in an application.

How do I find the a good motorcycle loan for me?

Picking your dream bike was the fun part! Now it’s time to choose the right loan to finance it. When it comes to finding the best motorcycle loan, you’ll mainly need to look at three main things:

Interest rate

The interest rate is possibly the first feature you’ll compare in a bike loan and can be either a fixed or variable interest rate. A fixed interest rate means your rate will not change for the life of the loan. You’ll know exactly what your repayments will be, while a variable interest rate can rise or fall along with the market and will often offer more flexible features.

Comparison rate

The comparison rate is a more ‘true’ representation of the cost of your loan than the initial advertised interest rate. This is because it factors in not only the interest rate, but also fees and other charges you may have with the loan. Just remember that the comparison rate can only give an estimate. Your actual comparison rate will depend on your specific loan terms.

Loan fees

Two of the most common fees you’ll find with a bike loan are an upfront application fee and ongoing fees. An application fee is a one-off payment when you apply for the loan. Ongoing service fees are the cost to keep your loan alive and are either charged as a monthly service or annual fee. Some other fees you may encounter during your loan include break fees or late payment fees. If you choose to use a car loan to purchase your motorbike, you may also encounter balloon payments, detailed here, which are a large lump sum payment at the end of a loan.

What other motorbike loan features should I compare?

It’s safe to say that you’ve probably already spent hours researching the type of bike you want and it’s just as important to do the same with your bike loan. Take time to compare the following features as they could help you save some cash in the future.

The loan term

Bike loan terms are usually between 2-5 years, however it is not uncommon for borrowers to extend the loan over 5 years. Keep in mind that a longer loan term means you’ll pay more in interest over the long run.

For example, say you planned to borrow $15,000 to repay over 3 years on an interest rate of 7.99%. According to the Mozo car loan repayment calculator, you will have paid $1,919 in interest. If you chose to repay the same loan over 6 years, you’d pay $3,244 in interest - an extra $1,325!

Repayment features

Some bike loans come with pretty handy features that give you a little more flexibility in how you pay off your loan. If you’re keen to pay off your loan faster, a loan that allows for extra repayments allows you to make additional repayments, helping you save on interest as you’ll finish paying it off sooner. Just remember that if you’re on a fixed rate offer, there may be extra fees if you pay the whole loan out early.

Another handy feature is a redraw facility, which allows you to redraw any extra repayments to pay for unexpected bills or costs during your loan term.  

Repayment options

You’ll also often have the option to pay off your loan on a repayment schedule that suits your budget best. Depending on the lender and type of loan you choose, you may be able to make your repayments on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. This can be handy to line up your repayments with your pay schedule or an existing budget.

Should I use dealer finance instead of getting a bike loan?

If you are planning to buy your car through a dealer, you are often able to use the finance option provided by the dealership. Before you take the offer out of convenience, it’s worth shopping around and comparing all options first to make sure that you’ll be getting the most competitive deal.

Sound like a lot of work? We've made it easy with our car loan comparison calculator.

I plan to buy a motorbike privately, can I still get a bike loan?

Yes, many lenders will still offer you a bike loan if you plan to buy a motorcycle through private sale, but they may want to inspect the motorcycle before issuing the loan to you.

What do I need to apply for a motorcycle loan online?

Once you’ve found the loan that’s right for you, all that’s left to do is apply! Before you head online to submit your application, you’ll need to have a few documents prepared beforehand, including:

  • Your current source of income - Have your payslips and bank statements ready because lenders will want to see that you have a steady source of income you’ll use to make your repayments.
  • Proof of genuine savings - Lenders will also want to see that you can be responsible with your money, so you should have proof of savings, for example a bank statement that shows regular deposits to your savings account.
  • A list of any liabilities you currently have - You should be honest and upfront with your lender about any other debt you may have that might impact your ability to repay your motorbike loan, like a mortgage or a credit card.

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