RBA December decision: Christmas cheer as cash rate remains at 2.50%


Tuesday 03 December 2013

The RBA board decided not to play Christmas grinch today at its December board meeting, leaving the official cash rate on hold at 2.50%.

Governor Glenn Stevens said "recent information is consistent with global growth running a bit below average this year, with reasonable prospects of a pick-up next year...the Board will continue to assess the outlook and adjust policy as needed."

Will the banks be naughty or nice?

While the RBA has left rates untouched for another two months, that doesn’t mean that Australia’s banks and credit unions are going to do the same. While there has been little movement on variable rates, last month we saw long term fixed rates jump, with the average 5 year fixed rate 6 basis points higher.

The cheapest five year fixed rate on the market is now 5.44% with Mortgage House or Intouch Finance, while the cheapest one year fixed rate is 3.99% (5.35% comparison) with IMB (for loans of more than $300,00 with an LVR of less than 90%.

Just because the RBA didn’t move on rates it doesn’t mean that its a time for complacency. Even small cuts in interest rates can make a big difference to your holiday shopping budget. For instance, say you have a $300,000 home loan with an interest rate of 5.12%. By switching to a loan just .50% points lower at 4.62%, you could save an extra $87 a month, or enough to pay for Christmas next year with an annual savings of $1044. Why not see how much you could save with our home loan comparison calculator?

Switching is easier than ever with Mozo’s Home Loan Negotiator service. We have pre-negotiated rates starting from 6.64% (4.66% comparison) so let our expert hagglers wrangle the best possible deal for you and your money.

Cheers to savers

It’s been a tough year for savers this year as we watched the record low rates wipe away our interest earnings. Cheers to your persistent efforts and cheers goes to the banks which are still offering great rates. Here are our top picks:

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