RBA's May decision: cash rate cut to record low 2.75%


Tuesday 07 May 2013

To the jubilation of homeowners across the country, the Reserve Bank of Australia has today decided to cut the official cash rate by 25 basis points to 2.75%, taking the cash rate to a record low.

In a statement, Governor Glenn Stevens said 'further decline in the cash rate was appropriate to encourage sustainable growth in the economy, consistent with achieving the inflation target'.

Break down the Bankworld jargon for me, please!

Today's decision appears to be first and foremost a reaction to less than optimal inflation figures, with recent data suggesting that both headline and underlying inflation are close to dropping below 2%, and thus out of the Reserve Bank's target zone.

April also saw a drop in house prices and an increase in consumer and investor stress, weighing heavily on the retail and investment sectors.

The Board's decision therefore seems to be an attempt to boost consumer confidence and incentivise growth, both of which will hopefully fend off an inflation blow-out.

What does this mean for borrowers?

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And for savers?

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