“The growing reusable market” - How it can save Aussies over $1,000 a year

New Mozo research has found that Aussies can save over $1,000 a year by swapping disposable items for reusable alternatives.

Daily household items like sandwich bags, nappies and razor blades all had eco and cost friendly alternatives according to the research.

"Mozo crunched the numbers and found an individual could save up to $1,100 per year. We found savings of up to 593% when comparing disposable and reusable goods over the course of a year,” said Mozo spokeswoman, Gemma Rasmussen. 

"There is now a large range of reusable products on the market that can help you really cut down on household costs.”
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Major Aussie supermarkets have already begun charging customers for using plastic bags and some are set to go plastic-free within the next year.  

For instance, some supermarkets, like Woolworths will no longer be offering plastic bags in-store. Customers can then either purchase thicker reusable bags for 15 cents, while cotton tote bags cost as little as $1 and have a lifespan of years.    

Nappies are another big expense for Aussie parents, with an estimated 6,500 nappies used by the time a child begins toilet training - a total spend of $2,000. Switching to cloth nappies can halve this cost.

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“From swapping out a plastic bag for a cloth tote to ditching sandwich bags for beeswax wraps, reusable alternatives are now available for nearly every part of the household,” Rasmussen said. 

“The added benefit is the positive environmental impact of cutting down on waste.”

Reusable feminine hygiene products have begun to grow in popularity with the resurgence of the mooncup, which retails at around $40 but can be washed and reused for years.  

Period proof underwear were also recently introduced to the market, offering antimicrobial, leak-resistance and absorbent fabric that keep Aussie women comfortable and secure. While a set of five underpants will set you back $65, in comparison, tampons cost over $100 each year. 

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Makeup wipes, straws and coffee cups are also other items that can be switched over to help Aussies save and reduce their waste. 

"The reusable market is one that we predict to grow as people search for quality over quantity and look to make cost saving decisions for their households that have a positive effect on the environment," Rasmussen said.

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